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Zachary Harrison
Portrayed By Patrick Garrow
Zachary Harrison
First Seen Alpha Dogs
Last Seen Alpha Dogs
Also Known As
  • Doctor Harrison
Status Deceased
Gender Male


Dr. Zachary Harrison was a doctor Stanton Parish encountered during the time of Civil War. He run tests on Parish's ability and soon planned to publish his findings, but was intercepted by Parish who killed him.

Physical Appearance[]

Zachary is a white male. He has short, curly red hair and blue eyes. He doesn't have a build.


Season 2[]

"Alpha Dogs"[]

Gary Bell tries to research Stanton on the Internet. They connect him to Major Jacob Dunham, the name he used during the Civil War, and Rosen has Gary check the hospital records where Dunham was treated.

Lee Rosen goes to the hospital and finds the files that Dunham’s doctor, Harrison, left in the archives. Inside the storage box is a photo of Stanton. Harrison wrote an entry about how in 1862, he found Stanton on the field of battle, shot in the head and clearly dead. The doctor witnessed Stanton recovered from the seemingly fatal wound. Back at the office, Hicks comes by to talk to Rosen and notices the files. According to Harrison’s entries, he kept Stanton’s name out of his files and continued to treat him for the next two years. During that period, he tested Stanton’s accelerated healing abilities and discovers that they were increasing as he got stronger.

Rosen and Gary go to the university to check the microfiche records and find a newspaper article on Harrison’s murder right before his presentation. Reading between the lines, Rosen concludes that Stanton realized that Harrison was going to speak about his abilities. When Harrison refused to stop, Stanton killed him.

Stanton goes to his favorite restaurant and finds Rosen waiting for him. Rosen has realized that Stanton provided him with the research, and Stanton explains that he killed Harrison because the doctor wanted to use him. After Harrison’s death, he reenlisted and helped saved the Union, and hopes that Rosen will understand his unique perspective. He was shot again and again down through the centuries, fighting in the U.S. military. He then leaves.