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When Push Comes to Shove
Season 2, Episode 4
Air Date August 13, 2012
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"When Push Comes to Shove" is the fourth episode of the second season of Alphas. It aired on Syfy on August 13, 2012.


While investigating a string of crimes, the team realizes that they are looking for Nina, who had gone AWOL, and try to stop her before she hurts herself.


Nina Theroux goes back to her childhood home and remembers what happened there.

Flashback: As a child, Nina watches as her mother told her father to leave. Nina begged him not to leave and her powers manifested for the first time, making him agree with her. as he agrees with her.

Nina's current boyfriend Tommy pulls up behind her and says that it's time to leave, and Nina leaves with him.

A man emerges from a bank carrying a baby as the security guard pulls up. They recognize the man as Mr. Lewis, the manager, and say that the alarm went off. He refuse to hand the baby over and the guard tasers him and then picks up the bundle of money that Lewis thought was a baby.

At work, Rachel comes in with Bill and admits that she used her abilities to tell that John was lying to her when he said that he didn't want to go out with her. She worries that she's a freak and Bill agrees, but not because of her ability. Gary runs by, wearing a towel and going into his office. He explains that his alarm clock didn't go off and his schedule is off. Gary finally gets around to telling them that he's staying there until he can find an apartment, and Rachel realizes that he was naked on her borrowed blanket. John comes by and wonders what's going on, and then goes to talk to Rosen. Bill tells him that Rosen is in with Kat.

Kat is busy using her memorized talents to assemble carburetors. Rosen is impressed and explains that her muscle memory is tied to a process called "myelination". He reviews a list of the skills she's acquired and Kat asks when they get to do cool stuff. Rosen explains that he's trying to overcome her long-term memory loss and says that he'd like to let her be able to remember her favorite song. John comes in with another case for him and Rosen gives Kat a video recorder to collect memories.

John and Rosen go over a MRI of Lewis' brain and confirm that he has the same symptoms as several other people involved in robberies that were hallucinating. Rosen shows the results to Hicks and Rachel and says that the MRI results are consistent with Nina's power usage. When Rachel points out that the robbery too more than an hour, Hicks says that Nina's abilities have been growing and she can do more than hour. Rosen warns that the government has always been nervous about Nina's ability and that he plans to avoid telling Clay until it's absolutely necessary. As Rachel goes to work with Gary and track down Nina, Hicks says that he doesn't want to take point. Rosen says that Nina still trusts him but Hicks warns that they can't make Nina do anything she doesn't want to do.

Rachel looks for Gary and finds John in the break room making breakfast. She says that she gets it if he doesn't want to go out with him, but she wants the real reason. John still says that it's because they're working together and Nina uses her ability to tell that he's lying. When she points it out, John says that it's not her and finally says that two years ago his convoy was hit by an IED and he was scarred over 30% of his body. Rachel gasps when he shows her the scars and John leaves for breakfast on his own. Hicks notices Rachel and asks if she's okay and they set out to find Nina.

That night, Rachel and Hicks are checking Nina's favorite clubs. Rachel catches the odor of Nina's perfume and they split up to find their former teammate. As Rachel finds Nina, Tommy hits on her. Nina says that she doesn't want to see Rosen and tells her to leave before she gets hurt. Tommy knows all about Rachel's ability and Nina tells her to enjoy what makes her special. She then uses her ability to make Rachel kiss her and she does. Hicks spots them and pulls Rachel away, shoving Tommy aside when he tries to intervene. Rachel continues kissing Nina until Nina tells her to stop and then she asks Hicks to release Tommy. He says that he used to be the same way and now he just enjoys the ride. Hicks realizes that Nina robbed the bank and she tells him that he never understood her. Tommy tells Hicks that Nina doesn't need his help. The next thing that Hicks knows, he's carrying Rachel out of the club following Nina's last command.

Back at the office, Rosen gives Hicks an injection of risperidone to alleviate the effects of the induction. The doctor checks Hicks' MRI and confirms that Nina's ability is growing. Rachel is clearly upset and Rosen asks her to get Gary. Rosen confirms that Tommy was Nina's first boyfriend and clearly still has an influence on her. He warns Hicks and Bill that they need to think of Nina as an addict becoming dependent on her own ability. Bill warns them that Clay is getting close to realizing that Nina is responsible for the robberies, while Gary storms in and says that they can't bring Nina back because he's using her office as his man cave. Bill asks Gary to check on high school yearbooks but both he and Hicks realize that they don't know what high school Nina really went to.

Flashback: Nina is at home outside listening to music while her parents argue about her. She tries to turn up the music to blot them out, and a young Tommy cuts through the back yard. He explains that he just moved in and that his parents fight as well, and suggests they go get some pizza. Nina says that she has to keep an eye out to stop them from fighting and Tommy offers to bring some slices back. She agrees and Tommy runs off.

Nina is at the river as Tommy comes by with her favorite coffee. He assures her that everything will be okay but Nina isn't convinced and worries that she screwed up. Tommy tells her that he loves her and they kiss.

Hicks and Bill talk to Tommy's old girlfriend, Becky, who insists that Tommy took off and she and her son Lucas are better off without him. Bill gives her his card but Tommy's mother clearly isn't interested in helping them.

Flashback: Tommy and Nina try to buy a beer but the owner refuses. Nina uses her ability and forces the man to sell it to her. Outside, Tommy assumes that she just smiled to get the man to give it to her, but Nina explains that she can control people. She goes back to the owner as he brings out some garbage and makes him jump up and down on one foot. Nina explains that it only lasts a couple of moments and Tommy admits that it's awesome.

Nina uses her ability to hijack a yacht so that she and Tommy can go out and have pizza on the river. Once she tells the steward to swim to shore and get some red pepper flakes, Tommy suggests that they just sail away and mentions Becky, an old girlfriend. He tells Nina to forget Becky and that they can go to Bermuda and get married, and no one will ever bother them. Nina warns Tommy that Rosen will never let them go but Tommy tells her that she can fix anything.

Rosen reviews some old video of his sessions with Nina. Kat comes in, taking video of everything, and Rosen admits that he's been preoccupied. She knows about Nina and promises not to tell the government. When Rosen says that Nina is troubled, Kat points out that he looks troubled and asks if he wants to talk about it. Rosen records himself saying that he's taking things slow with her because he tends to rush things because of his intellectual curiosity. Satisfied, Kat tells him that he shouldn't put Nina's situation on him. Clay comes in and asks why Rosen hasn't been returning his calls, and asks if they've got any progress on the robberies. Rosen says that they're doing fine for the moment and says that he'll get the files on the Building 7 escapees to him within a day. Clay warns him that he can't give him any more time and leaves.

Later, Rosen is out looking for Nina while assuring Clay by phone that he'll get the files to him. When he gets back to the office, Gary and Hicks tell him that they have a report on the steward that insisted on swimming. Rosen tells them that they'll have to put the robbery investigations on hold because of Clay's orders and walks away. Meanwhile, Kat is taking more video of everything and spots Bill. She tells him that someone named Becky is there to see him. Becky tells the team that she didn't want Tommy to go despite what she told them. Rachel analyzes her and realizes that Nina pushed her. Rosen insists that they have to focus on the Building 7 escapees but everyone objects and Rachel finally realizes that Rosen's been pushed.

Flashback: Nina comes home with Tommy and finds her father waiting for him. He explains that he couldn't leave the house even though he wanted to, and that he's suffering from headaches. Nina tells him that he can go whenever he wants and come back when he's done, and her father casually walks out of the house.

Nina drives to the docks and calls Tommy when she can't find their boat. She sees herself in a windshield reflection and then spots Hicks, Rachel, and Bill capturing Tommy. Rachel picks up Nina's perfume for a moment but then loses it in the wind.

When Rosen talks to Tommy, Tommy claims that all Rosen ever did was exploit Nina. He insists that he's always loved Nina and that he never wanted a life with Becky and his son. Rosen warns that Nina is in serious trouble but Tommy says that she's only in trouble if Rosen finds her. At that, Rosen ushers in Becky and Lucas.

Bill and Hicks are outside waiting as a police officer comes by. He asks for help with the incident report and Bill has no choice but to go with him. Once Bill leaves, Nina comes in behind Hicks and uses her ability to make him help her. As Rosen and Rachel leave Tommy's room, Hicks draws a gun on them. When Rachel objects, Nina pushes her to shut up and walks outside, and Rosen says that he won't try to stop her. She has Hicks put the gun down and goes inside to find Tommy with her family. When Nina asks him to go with her, Tommy asks how she could have controlled him into forgetting his family. Rosen says that none of it is real and she's been pushing Tommy the entire time. Nina insists that Tommy loves her but he says that he doesn't.

Flashback: Tommy suggests that Nina talk to someone about what she's doing because it isn't right. Nina insists that she's helping him but Tommy doesn't believe it. When Tommy threatens to tell someone, Nina starts to use her power. Horrified, Tommy runs off.

Nina stumbles out of the room and John and Bill arrive. Panicking, Nina tells Hicks to protect her and he shoots Bennett. Bill goes after them while Rosen confirms that John's bulletproof vest protected him. Meanwhile, the hospital security close in on Hicks and Nina, forcing them to go to the roof. When Bill tries to follow them, Hicks fires a warning shot and warns that the next one will be in his head. Rosen arrives and calls to Nina, saying that he wants to talk. She tells Hicks to let Rosen through and walks to the edge of the building. As she looks down, Rosen asks what she wants to do. Nina talks about how she and Tommy were going to sail away, and that he made her happy when they were children. Rosen explains that she pushed Tommy to make him the teenage boy that made her happy, but she blames herself for pushing Tommy and her father. Rosen assures her that it was natural for her to hold onto her father.

Flashback: One day Nina came home and discovered that her father had killed himself.

Nina says that she's tired of hurting people and release Hicks. She then steps up on the roof and jumps. Hicks leaps off after her, grabbing her hand and snagging a cable with the other. They slam into the side of the building and Nina begs Hicks to let go. As Hicks starts to lose his grip, Bill pulls them up to safety.

The next morning, Gary participates in his morning scream and then wishes Kat good morning. She asks Bill if Nina will be okay and wonders what she'll find if she keeps working with Rosen. Bill assures her that there's good stuff as well and talks about when he picked up his wife Jeannie for prom. Kit wonders what happens if she doesn't have memories like that and Bill tells her that one good memory is worth a dozen bad ones. Kit then pulls a record from Rosen's collection and listens to it.

Rachel approaches John and asks why he isn't in the hospital. He assures her that he just has a bruised rib and he offers his condolences about Nina. John then invites Rachel out for breakfast, assuring her that it's not a date. He admits that he overreacted earlier but points out that she's not the only one that's sensitive. John hasn't been with anyone since his injury and tells her that they'll have to take it slow, and Rachel says that it's good.

Clay tells Rosen that he's arranged for Nina to be put back under his charge. When he says that Rosen should have told him, Rosen admits that he couldn't take that chance. Clay warns him that it's his last chance and walks away. He then checks on Nina, who is in a hospital. Hicks is outside and wonders how she can get over it, and Rosen says that it takes a good deal of help. Rosen goes inside and apologizes about the restraints and the eye covers, and she admits that she's dangerous. He removes the eye covers despite her protests and tells Nina to look at him, and says, "Hi."

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Also Starring[]


  • Katie Douglas As Teenage Nina


Bill: You lie detectored a guy with your ability just because he turned you down for a date?
Rachel: Maybe. Yes. Don't judge me.

Gary: I'm gonna have to take off my towel.
Bill: No, no. Don't, Gary...
Gary: And you're gonna see my fruit.
Rachel: No!
Bill: His fruit.
Gary: Yeah, I call it my fruit.

Kat: So... when do we get to do the cool stuff--you know, like track a perp, shoot a gun, rappel out of a helicopter?
Rosen: Well, fortunately, none of us have had to jump out of a helicopter yet.

Bill: Look, one good memory is worth all the bad ones. Like the time I kicked your ass-remember that.
Kat: Yep. That's not a memory. It's made up. It's head trauma.




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