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Weakness Detector
Ability Info
Description Alpha can see the weak points of people and/or objects
  • Ted Asher
You have a weak heart. I can stop that.

—Ted Asher

Weakness Detector Alphas are able to see the weak point of something. Such as a person's weak points; objects like a glass if the user applies a little pressure into the weak point, the glass easily breaks. This a sort of sub-ability of a Synesthete Alpha.


  • Aggresive
  • Impatient


This variety of synesthesia focuses on weaknesses in a structure. They can also use this ability on inanimate objects, breaking down a brick wall.

This variation on the synesthete ability probably collects information from an object, detailing any degradation. If a person's circulatory system is degraded, his/her pulse is abnormal, the body language reacts to that weakness, and even phermones can be emitted at different levels. All this information could be collated and used to pinpoint the source of the weakness.

Known Weakness Detector Alphas[]