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Wake Up Call
Season 2, Episode 1
Wake Up Call
Air Date July 23, 2012
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"Wake Up Call" is the first episode of the second season of Alphas. It aired July 23, 2012 on Syfy.


In the aftermath of Dr. Rosen's revelation of the existence of Alphas to the world, his dismantled team must be brought back together to save the lives of two of their own, who have been taken hostage by a devious individual.


Rosen locked up

Dr. Rosen, about eight months after his announcement on live television about the Alphas phenomenon, has been institutionalized. Using past incidents (including testimony from his divorce and a bust involving LSD) as justification, his enemies in the government keep him sedated and isolated.

Meanwhile, Hicks and Bill continue to work for the DoD. They try to take down a trio of Alphas, who have sonic, hyperadrenal, and electrogenic abilities and have been pulling off armed robberies. After a short confrontation, the Throat Singing Alpha with his voice and Megan Bates manipulation the electricity, manage to disable to attacking task force. Using the opportunity, the Sonic Alpha and Jeff Kowalka, another Hyperadrenal who was fighting Bill, flee the scene and get away in a car, which Hicks is not able to stop, due to his lack of control over his ability.

At the office Hicks and Bill taught each other about the fight yesterday. The electrogenic Alpha is in one of the offices. Hicks tells Bill about an Alpha chatroom. Bill says it is "pimply face teenagers, pretending to be Alphas." Hicks replies that Gary goes onto the chatroom; which Bill asks did Hicks contact Gary, since his mother has no sign of him. Hicks denies.

Back at Rachel's parents house, Rachel is trying to read a book. Due to her Alpha ability, she hears all around her: voices, trains, etc. She, like Hicks, has less control over her powers. Rachel's father comes and we find out that for months, Rachel hasn't left the house. Rachel claims she is tired. Her father tries to reason with him on going to a therapist but, to her, only Dr. Rosen can help. Rachel tells her father she wants to rest and puts on some earphones.

Nina is walking down the street happy, but there is a man who is yelling about the existence of Alphas, and they are real. He tells nearby people that Alphas put thoughts in his head. He tells it to Nina, who at first, walks away. She turns and walks to him and pushes him to "stop talking" and he does exactly that. A man has just flagged down a taxi, and Nina gets his attention and pushes the man into letting her share the taxi.

After capturing Megan Bates, the electrogenic Alpha, Bill, Hicks, Clay and some others bring her to Binghamton, where a new program of incarceration has been instituted in Building 7. A chip is installed in the nervous system of each inmate, preventing Alphas from using their abilities while sedating them heavily. She has a bag over her head, and Hicks takes it off and she sees where she is going. Bill tells Hicks not to take it off, and Hicks just says she needs fresh air. Bill and Megan talk while they are walking in the building. She calls him a traitor and spits in his face. Bill remarks "Hicks, that's why you're not supposed to take that mask off."

Gary in Binghamton

Bill notices Gary is one of the inmates, and they find out that after being transferred to the NSA, Gary had a confrontation in the office that led to his stay at Binghamton, mostly because Gary's special needs and psychological structures were being neglected.

Danielle Rosen comes to visit her father, Dr. Rosen. She asks him if he was okay, he says yes but he is depressed. She offers to help him, by using her Alpha ability. He grabs her hand and she makes him feel better and his eyesight sharpens. He thanks her and asks her about her life.

While they work to free Gary, Meg uses her Alpha ability to override the chip system throughout Building 7. The guards are quickly overtaken, and a pyrotechnic Alpha, Cornell Scipio, demands to see Dr. Rosen before any other negotiations occur. We are also introduced to Kimi Milard, an influencer. Nathan Clay goes to personally retrieve Dr. Rosen, who agrees under his conditions. They retrieve Rachel, who is still isolated in a room above her parents' laundromat, and Nina, who has been pushing rich strangers to do what she wants.

Giving in

Upon arriving at Building 7, Rosen turns himself over to the prisoners, while Rachel listens to the exchange through the vent system. She also hears a consistent banging somewhere in the building. Scipio questions the doctor on the nature of being an Alpha, centered around the idea that their abilities, and existence, are a mistake. This proves to be a delaying tactic. Watching the security cameras, the team watches Dr. Rosen being burned to death; Rachel then notices there is no smell of burning. Hicks enters the main chamber, finding it empty, and finds Meg tapping into the camera system, creating a set of false images.

The prisoners of Building 7 have escaped; Ted Asher, an Alpha able to see flaws and weak points in a structure, was able to break through the southeast wall, and a prison break ensues. Gary and Bill are taken with Scipio, but, with help from Rachel and Dr. Rosen, Hicks is able to disable their vehicle with a long-range shot. Scipio escapes, but Gary and Bill are safe.

Back in the office

Clay asks Rosen to return to his work handling the Alpha phenomenon, to which Dr. Rosen demands that he decide what happens to any found or captured Alpha. Back in the office, the team works to help Gary recuperate. Across the river in Jersey City, on a bridge over train tracks, Danielle Rosen updates Stanton Parish on these developments. Scipio, the armed Alpha robbers, and Kimi join them just in time to watch a passing train derail after an explosion hits one of the cars.



Natalie: What about the drugs? Do they help?
Rosen: You should try some and see for yourself.

Cameron: Well, this Muzak is killing me. I'm tired of reading deodorant labels.
Bill: You could always switch to hemorrhoid cream.
Hicks: Douchebag.
Bill: That would be Aisle Three, Hicks.

Bill: Besides, which one of us actually caught someone and which of us shot and killed a parking meter?
Hicks: Friggin' meter had it coming.

Hicks: Take it easy on Clay. I mean, he's a Pittsburgh Pirate fan. He suffers enough.
Bill: That's a self-inflicted wound.

Rachel: What happened to the two of you?
Nina: I woke up.
Hicks: Yeah, is that what you call pushing everyone you meet? You need help.
Nina: You feel like jumping off a building?
Rosen: Please, the both of you, you can discuss how much you care about each other later.

Rosen: And what are these friends offering me?
Nathan Clay: A full pardon. A cause. A fat consulting fee. It'll be just like the old days.
Rosen: Ah, you know, there's a reason they call them the old days. Because they are old.

Rachel: Hey, Gary, my mom's hummus. Your favorite.
Nina: Rachel, he's not a dog, Okay? He doesn't respond to treats.
Rachel: Dogs don't like hummus.

Danielle Rosen: Yeah, people really do screw everything up, don't they?
Stanton Parish: The smokestack has ever waged war on the apple tree. We'll put an end to that. Better people, better world.


  • The character of Scipio is named after the famous Roman general who defeated Hannibal in 202 BC.



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