Alphas Wiki
First Seen "Need to Know"
Status Living
Gender Male

Red Flag Operative

Alpha Type Alphatype-influencer Influencer

Vincent is a Red Flag operative with a immersive Influencer Alpha ability.


Season 2[]

Need to Know[]

Stanton Parish assigns Vincent to make sure Skylar designs his mini-stim devices, despite her earlier refusal.

Vincent holds Skylar and Zoe hostage in a decrepit tenement in Manhattan, using his ability. Keeping them dosed with an unknown drug, he is able to keep them in a semi-conscious state, immersed in a dream world of his creation. When Skylar burns her hand in the dream, she realizes that it is not real, and attempts to fight back. Vincent unleashes waves of distortion and noise, trying to frighten Skylar back into a state of servitude.

Eventually, Gary and Bill find Skylar, break into the apartment, and subdue Vincent.

Powers and Abilities[]

Vincent's power is a variation on the Influencer ability. He is able to keep his sedated victims in a dream-like state, creating and shaping the dream to his liking. Through touch, he can re-invigorate his control over the environment, entering into the collective dream with substantial powers, akin to reality distortion. He does not need to maintain contact with his victims to keep them in the dream state, but they are more likely to notice inconsistencies and realize that something is wrong if he is not there to constantly adjust and maintain the dream environment.