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Vijal Singh
Vijal Singh
Seen In Cause & Effect
Status Deceased
Gender Male

Government Scientist

Dr. Vijal Singh was the Director of the Binghamton Special Research Facility.


6 years ago, before the start of the series, Marcus Ayers was given to him for rehabilitation. Recently Dr. Singh decided to have Marcus Ayers' ability removed by surgery. This was done without consultation with Dr. Lee Rosen, and against the wishes of Marcus Ayers.

At the beginning of the episode Cause & Effect Marcus was being transported in secured ambulance from the Binghamton Special Research Facility to the site where his surgery was to take place. When Marcus escaped Dr. Singh came to the scene of the crime to see what happened to the ambulance.

Later, Dr. Rosen confronted Dr. Singh who implied that he viewed Marcus as a lab rat and admitted that it was his idea to have Marcus's ability removed surgically. When Dr. Singh stepped outside of the restaurant, he was swiftly killed by Marcus' ability to orchestrate events and his body ended up crucified on a stake. It was revealed that he was considered by Marcus to be only the rook not the king in Marcus' viewpoint as Bill said after Dr. Singh's death.