Hypercognitive alphas are capable of mental abilities such as "Intuitive Aptitude" (different version of Skylar's ability), "Hyper-Adrenalism" [Enhanced Strength & Acceleration without downside] (Bill's ability), "Hyperkinesis" [Dexterity & Reflexes without stress/distraction downside] (Hicks' ability), "Induction" (Nina's, Jason's & Kimi's methods), "Hyperesthesia/Synesthesia" [Heighten more than one sense at a time] (Rachel's ability), "Adoptive Muscle Memory" [without memory loss downside] (Kat's ability), "Sonic/Sonokinesis" [Voice mimicry] (???'s ability), "Omni-Lingualism/Translation" [without downsides] (Anna's ability), "Transduction/Navigation" [Alpha Detection; not as Gary's electromagntic perception] (Claude's & Gabby's methods) and so on. ... Parish or other Hypercognitive Alphas will not experience downsides to an Alpha ability they imitate due to their regenerative properties, their healing ability will constantly prevent them to experience memory loss, stress, headaches, heartburns, etc. In order for Hypercognitive Alphas to access abilities that other Alphas possess, they will need to truly understand others' brain functionality, to see how others' mind processes as they utilize their Alpha ability.

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