Alphas cast

It's a big sci-fi night for the Syfy Channel! Not only is their popular summer show Warehouse 13 returning for its third season, but the network is also gearing up for the premiere of Alphas! If you remember the epic superhero show (then failure) that was Heroes, you'll know that there is a lot riding on this new super-powered show. So what differentiates Alphas from previous series ventures?

For one, it's penned by a writer who's quite familiar with the superhero genre: Zak Penn of X-Men: The Last Stand. In Comic Book Resources Penn emphasizes that the supercharged characters of Alphas do not possess totally far-fetched abilities. No? They're highly, highly improbable, but not impossible. In other words, they're rooted in "scientifically feasible human abilities," albeit with some government interference and experiments:

“Michael Karnow, who is a bit of a history buff, came to me and said he had been reading all about these programs the CIA and the KGB ran in the ‘50s and ‘60s and ‘70s where they tried to recruit people who were psychic or people who had incredible abilities — and most of those programs ended almost hilariously in disasters,” Penn said. “He brought me this idea and said, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if it actually worked?’”

Clever concept, right? While there have been shows that treaded this path such as The 4400 or Eureka, Alphas really takes it to the next step! With comic-book buffs such as Penn creating a whole new legion of superheroes, we can't wait to see how Alphas pans out!

For conspiracy buffs and sci-fi lovers, Alphas seems like a surefire hit to satisfy any superhero cravings. Vote for our poll below to tell us which abilities are the coolest!


Which ability are you most excited to see?

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