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    Awesome news Alphas fans! The summer hit Alphas is getting renewed for a second season! The second season will air in the summer of 2012 with thirteen new episodes. Have you been watching the first season? It's a great time to catch up; Alphas has brought its A-game with a slew of impressive sci-fi guest star names!

    Season 1 guest stars included: Lindsay Wagner of The Bionic Woman and sister show Warehouse 13, Alaina Huffman of Stargate Universe, John Pyper-Ferguson of Battlestar Galactica, Summer Glau of Firefly, Garret Dillahunt of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Rebecca Mader of Lost and Brent Spiner of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    I wonder which stars will grace Alphas next summer! Are you excited about the renewal? What do …

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  • Kate.moon

    Have you been following Syfy's newest summer hit, Alphas? If you haven't, we have several reasons why you should start watching now! If you're a sci-fi fanatic, you'll recognize the roster of famous guest stars the show will introduce starting August 15.

    First up on the list is Lindsay Wagner of Bionic Woman who currently plays Dr. Vanessa Calder on Alphas' sister show, Warehouse 13! In a surprising crossover, Alphas and Warehouse 13 will co-exist in the same universe as Wagner reprises her Warehouse role in Alphas. On August 22, the week after Warehouse 13 x Alphas, Summer Glau of Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will guest star in a yet-unknown role.

    Other guest stars to watch for include Garret Dillahunt of Raising Hope…

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  • Kate.moon

    It's a big sci-fi night for the Syfy Channel! Not only is their popular summer show Warehouse 13 returning for its third season, but the network is also gearing up for the premiere of Alphas! If you remember the epic superhero show (then failure) that was Heroes, you'll know that there is a lot riding on this new super-powered show. So what differentiates Alphas from previous series ventures?

    For one, it's penned by a writer who's quite familiar with the superhero genre: Zak Penn of X-Men: The Last Stand. In Comic Book Resources Penn emphasizes that the supercharged characters of Alphas do not possess totally far-fetched abilities. No? They're highly, highly improbable, but not impossible. In other words, they're rooted in "scientifically f…

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