• Photographic reflexs- the ability to copy a person's movement after seeing it performed only once.
  • Night vision
  • Chronopathy (time sense)
  • Chemical Quantitative Aptitudinal
  • Thermoception- gives a person an enhanced sense of heat. Allows the user to sense when people are near them, or sense when someone is lying.
  • Eidetic memory
  • Mental mimicry- the ability to watch and observe someone and mentally "become" them.
  • Heart rate control- allows the user to accelerate and decrease their heart rate, allowing the user to enhance their agility and reflexes or to fake their death.
  • Influencing abilities:
    • Releasing nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that sends the victim into a paralyzing state of euphoria.
    • Releasing a chemical that disables a person's ability to lie.

There are at least three ways you can make an Alpha skill:

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