These are several Alpha types I have created.


Hypertrophics have the ability to induce growth in any part of the body, but to compensate they must atrophy another part of the body.


  • Internally conflicted
  • Absentminded
  • Multiple personalities
  • Easily overwhelmed


Hypertrophics possess the ability to consciously control their cell growth, distribution, and division. At any time, they may induce cellular growth in a few types of cells, making a particular organ or muscle group become larger and higher-functioning. However, to conserve mass while doing this, they must also make another few types of cells atrophy, causing another organ or muscle group to wither and lose function temporarily. They cannot affect their bones, hair, or nails.

For example, if a hypertrophic needed to run quickly, they could hypertrophy the muscles in their legs, but they would also have to atrophy an equal mass of cells. A hypertrophic usually only atrophies organs that are not needed for the current task.

Hypertrophics are able to increase growth in select regions of their brains, creating distinct mental states. This leads to Multiple Personality Disorder, with each brain-shape corresponding to a different personality. On some occasions, they may be unable to retain information learned in one shape after changing to another. They may be internally conflicted, unable to resolve contrasting personalities.

The hypertrophic takes a short amount of time to make a change, up to two minutes, and having too many demands on all parts of their body could overwhelm them.

Possible Occupations

  • A wide variety of physically and mentally demanding jobs
  • Cannot hold down a job permanently


Magnetoceptors have the ability to sense magnetic fields.


  • Industrious
  • Focused
  • Hard-hitting
  • Rigid


Like homing pigeons, magnetoceptors possess crystals of magnetite (Fe3O4) in their brain cells and blood stream, enabling them to perceive magnetic fields. This perception is purely mental, and creates a sensation similar to being buffeted by winds.

Magnetoceptors are able to sense metallic elements using their ability. They are excellent navigators and can always find magnetic north. They may also be good metal smiths, able to sense impurities in the metals.

Advanced magnetoceptors may be able to become magnetic by consciously flooding their skin with aligned magnetite, and thus attracting magnetic objects. Using this, they may be able to scale large metal structures, or cause small metal objects to stick to them.

Magnetoceptors have a powerful magnetic field around their brain, meaning they can be adversely affected by powerful electromagnets. They possess rigid ways of thinking, often having strict routines on how to get from place to place from which they cannot deviate. When angry, they accidentally cause computers, televisions, and other electronics to malfunction. This is painful to Transducers.

Possible Occupations

  • Navigator
  • Taxi driver
  • Construction worker
  • Metal smith


Metrologists have the ability to physically measure any object in any physical units just from observation.


  • Scientific
  • Math-intuitive
  • Quick learner
  • Punctual
  • Disregard for personal property
  • Fidgety


Metrologists intuitively translate sensory experiences into human-created units of measure. They can look at a building and know exactly how tall it is, they can ride in a car and know exactly how fast they are going, and they can hold a brick and know exactly how much it weighs, all in any system of measurement. Just by seeing or touching an object, they can measure it, and then they can convert it.

Metrologists have every system of measurement completely memorized and internalized. If they are introduced to a new system, with conversion factors to another system, they will internalize it immediately. This occurs even if the new system is completely fictional and has no real-world applications.

The metrologist is not bothered by imprecision; in fact, they are quite committed to the idea that nothing is perfect. This is based on their life experience of having never encountered a perfect round number.

The metrologist may suffer from extreme separation anxiety and will react adversely to isolation or being alone. They always require something to fidget with, something to compulsively measure again and again if there is nothing else. If deprived of personal items, they will tend to take other people's property.

Possible Occupations

  • Scientist
  • Currency Converter
  • "Weight Guesser" at a fair


Hyperhidrotics can consciously control their sweat glands.


  • Depressed
  • Messy
  • Defeatist
  • Reliable


The hyperhidrotic is able to consciously control the flow of sweat from the sweat glands in their hands and feet. They can secrete large amounts of sweat, creating slippery lubrication. They can shoot sweat off from a fingertip like a squirt gun or squeeze it out like a sponge from their palm. If they concentrate, they may be able to shoot sweat from their hands and feet like jets, enabling them to propel themselves underwater or blast away dirt from a solid surface. Hyperhidrotics are able to store water in their bodies at very high densities, allowing them to retain it until they need it.

Hyperhidrotics tend to see their ability as a curse, subscribing to the idea of it being cruel fate that gave it to them. It disables them from using most electronics and paper goods, as well as socializing and interacting normally with other people. Their living style tends to be disorganized and messy. In a pinch, they are very reliable and determined, capable of pulling themselves together just in time.

Although they can slow the flow, the hyperhidrotic cannot turn it off completely. They are always sweating, at least slightly, and they have to drink most of the time to keep from getting dehydrated. They may refuel with any drink containing water, but most seem to exclusively prefer sports drinks containing high levels of electrolytes. Their clothing quickly gets soaked, so many of them wear wetsuits or raincoats. They prefer sandals to shoes, so the sweat does not build up around their feet.

Hyperhidrotics continue to sweat even after death, until all the moisture in their body is gone. Some suggest that of all the Alphas, hyperhidrotics are the most likely to become mummified.

Possible Occupations

  • Window cleaner
  • Power washer
  • Janitor
  • Scuba Diver


Marfanoids possess the ability of superhuman flexibility.


  • Sneaky
  • Playful
  • Prankster


Marfanoids possess a disorder of the connective tissue fibrillin. While similar to actual Marfan syndrome, their disorder is not identical. Their connective tissue is abnormally loose and supple. They are considered "double-jointed" and are capable of extreme feats of flexibility. They are able to fit into very small spaces or escape from being tied up with no difficulty. Along with being tall and slender in body, their fingers are very long and dextrous, which makes it easy for them to pick locks and untie knots. They may also purposefully dislocate joints and then relocate them.

Marfanoids like playing tricks on people. For example, a Marfanoid might cram themselves into the fridge right before a friend opens it, surprising them. They generally draw inspiration from escapists along the lines of Harry Houdini.

Like people with actual Marfan syndrome, Marfanoids have weakness in the connective tissue of their blood vessels. They require daily heart medication to keep healthy, as they are at risk of aortic dissection. They may also have eyesight problems.

Possible Occupations

  • Escape artist
  • Contortionist
  • Thief


Syndactyls are superhuman swimmers.


  • Athletic
  • Brave
  • Thrillseeker
  • Water lover


Syndactyls are capable of swimming with incredible strength and speed. This mainly originates from the deformities in their fingers and toes. The fingers of a syndactyl are completely webbed, from the base of the fingers to the very tips, like those of a frog. Their toes are fused together, forming whale-like flippers that propel them through the water easily. Their feet can still fit in shoes, though, they just have to be extra-large ones.

The same membranes that gives them their webbed fingers give syndactyls secondary eyelids, which are transparent enough to let them see while still protecting their eyes from water and foreign particles. These membraneous deformations are elsewhere in their bodies too - expansive lung tissue gives them a very high lung capacity, and extra alveoli let them use oxygen more efficiently.

While syndactyls are perfectly at home in the water, they do not feel very comfortable out of it. They never seem to get their land legs.

Possible Occupations

  • Lifeguard
  • Professional swimmer
  • Coast guard
  • Diver
  • Disaster response

Polyphagic Inducers

Polyphagic inducers are able to produce hormones which cause hunger in others.


  • Business-like
  • Efficient
  • Friendly
  • Orderly
  • Deep sleeper


Like other hormone- and pheromone-based Alphas, polyphagic inducers can secrete large quantities of specific hormones. Leptin and ghrelin, the hormones secreted by polyphagic inducers, have the effect of make other people become hungrier. These hormones makes them willing to eat almost anything to satiate their excessively ravenous hunger. Anyone who comes in contact with a polyphagic inducer is a potential victim. Whole restaurants become filled with people stuffing themselves completely full.

Polyphagic inducers generally work in the food service industry, quickly getting promoted through the ranks for exemplary sales and customer satisfaction ratings, while at the same time serving very poor quality food. At the same time, polyphagic inducers are often exploited by restaurants; they are made to put their hunger hormones into the food to keep people eating it, the Alpha being treated as nothing better than livestock or condiments.

In contrast to their outwardly jovial demeanor, polyphagic inducers have no sense of appetite themselves. This is because in the process of producing ghrelin, a second hormone called obestatin is produced too. Obestatin decreases hunger, and while the ghrelin leaves the body, the obestatin stays bottled up inside. Polyphagic inducers possess no inner drive to eat at regular times or when necessary. Friends and family may have to remind them to eat at periodic intervals, or else they might not eat at all. Many polyphagic inducers are at risk of starvation.

Possible Occupations

  • Food service industry
  • Food additive

Cutaneous Respirator

Cutaneous Respirators have the ability to exhale carbon dioxide through their pores.


  • Calm
  • Hippie
  • Contemplative
  • Party-pooper


Cutaneous respirators are able to exhale through pores instead of through their lungs. This happens involuntarily and constantly, all across the surface of their hairless skin.

Exhaling through their skin yields quite a number of benefits to a cutaneous respirator. For example, they can carbonate any beverage or liquid simply by sticking a finger into it; when underwater, they make lots of bubbles appear; and they can cause plants to grow faster. It would be easy for a cutaneous respirator to get a job, even if the options are a little limited.

Other people tend to feel sedate and calmed down in the presence of a cutaneous respirator, but too much time with the Alpha might suffocate them. This is the danger involved: they are unable to stop doing it. Their lungs do not remove carbon dioxide from their blood, in fact the Alpha does not have the muscles or means required to do so. They can still speak, but it is merely oxygenated air, not CO2. They also cannot perform a breathalyzer test if pulled over for a DUI.

Possible Occupations

  • Greenhouse worker
  • Soda maker
  • Negotiator
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