Hello my name is George Hawkins, and I have an idea for a new alpha ability:



An Omnicognitives ability is activated upon their death. It is an enhanced version of an Hypercognitive alpha thanks to a PhotoStim. The Hypercognitive Alpha (Omnicognitive) would have a perfect mind to body connection just like they would have while being a hypercognitive, but more efficient and alot better. They would posse the ability to control one's brain and everything the brain controls at far greater lengths. Due to this, they are able to heal from any injury, even including death. As seen when small wounds will regenerate new tissue. They also have an extreme expanded lifespan. Their ability can restore biotic organisms to optimal health. See Hypercognitive. for more details. Due to the enhancement of their alpha abilities, the now Omnicognitive would be able to do things far greater than their original abilities would do. They can heal from, wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and even diseases. Some can revive if they have very recently died. They'd be just as strong as an Hyperadrenal, without any of the effects from it thanks to their main ability, they would be as dextile and near perfect aim (while being stressed or not) just like a HyperKinetic. Their senses would be greatly enhanced like that of someone with synestheia (hyperstheia anyway), they'd be more hypnotic to those they speak with or look at into their eyes (Influencer), they would be able to perceive electromagnetic waves far better then most, almost similar to that of Gary Bell's ability however they must focus hard on seeing it. Whenever they see a skill they don't have but want it just from observation, they are able to copy any movement or skill (Adomopathic) but due to their abilites their memory will not fade after a certain time as well as them being able to copy an alphas ability shown once to them (if they know how exactly their abilities work they could mimic it at any given time). Given enough time and adjustment they can thoroughly and completely understand any and all technology and mathematical equations (Quantitative Aptitudinal), able to understand any and all languages and being able to translate them (Translator), to alter any aspect of their person as well as their voice, (Morphogene), as well as having perfect muscle control. They can read a persons microexpressions and hear their heartbeats while at the same time sensing the bioelectromagnetic pulse humans have. If they are able to see someone who is a sonic alpha, they can combine it with their electromagnetic sensing to scan entire areas if they are blinded by any means (by will of course) They can figure out the human blind spot that all humans posses causing them to pretty much be invisible to the human eye (Proprioceptive Inhibitor) , as well as combining with their electogenic/ electroconductive ablities they can be completely invisible including to cameras as well. They posses superspeed similar to a Hyper-Accelerator (but they must focus to be in their "super speed mode") which when combined with activating their Hyperadrenal abilites causing them to run even faster, and due to their healing process they don't suffer from the same effects like Eli Aquino was suffering before he was gunned down (Accelerated aging ,an accelerated metabolism, requiring up to 200,000 calories per day, etc) . But they will be flustered and tired from the run due to its strain. They'd also be able to heal others similar to that of Fiona healing abilities.==Analysis== They are usually trustworthy and kind, and care for their fellow man. They will tend do things without thinking, ironically they have a great thinking process and can think at superspeed to think things through while in a dagerious situation.

Side Effects

Negative side effects would include that the peak functioning and extensive lifespan of the alpha give them an isolated perspective. Being smarter and better-functioning than everyone else gives the alpha a sense that no one can relate to them. In some cases, it's easy to see how the alpha could consider themselves above everyone else. The extended lifespans also prevents them from forming permanent bonds with other people, a vital key to avoiding sociopathy. Watching family and friends die while the alpha remains the same age mentally and physically can be unnerving. And some cases they could have a split personality, one is the regular one, then there is the one that is just like the regular Omni, but more blunt, rude, will speak his mind and will normally do things the normal one wouldn't do. But the latter wouldn't "come out" unless enough stress is forced apon the alpha

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