The Summer Glau Wiki has collected some really good reviews of season 1 episode 7 'Catch and Release', guest starring Summer Glau, for you to read.
All reviews praises Summer's acting performance and credibility as Skylar Adams and every columnist wishes that Summer Glau will return to the show in the next season.


Todd VanDerWerff for A.V. Club Quote : Last week, I complained some about Alphas’ guest casting, so let’s do some credit where credit’s due stuff and point out that Summer Glau was pretty awesome as Skylar, a sort of one-woman Radio Shack who could put together insanely wacky gadgets out of shit she just found laying around...
I’d certainly be pleased if, in season two, Alphas decided it needed a new character or two and brought her back to hang out with the team...
So another rock-solid outing for Alphas, complete with a very good guest star and some fun genre plotting that led to an unexpected twist.

Nick McHatton for tvfanatic Quote : "Catch and Release" ended up posing more questions than it answered, but Summer Glau was back on my TV, so how can I complain?
... I'll ask what everyone is thinking: when can Glau come back?

Robert L for Quote : From my perspective, she generally plays characters who are supposed to be "emotionless,” a difficult feat. A difficult feat for the reason that even an emotionless character still needs to portray a very disguised amount of emotional cues. Which she does very well.

That being said, she plays a relatively put-together woman with surface emotion this time around. And she does that … less well. But still well.

Dyanamaria for daemonstv Quote : I loved Skylar’s character in this episode and although , so I hope that means it’s not the last that we’ll see of her on Alphas.

Ernie Estrella for Quote : The talented sci-fi-favorite Summer Glau (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Firefly) guest-starred in "Catch and Release” as Skylar Adams
Skylar, like Marcus Ayers in "Cause & Effect” helped bridge the established history to the present day without the need of flashbacks or long-winded exposition. It feels like the inception of Rosen and the alpha operative (DCIS) and that time period is equally intriguing as the present team. While Glau can’t seem to escape being cast into science fiction characters who are either gifted with abilities or have an affinity with machines, her enjoyment in these roles comes through the performance; she was a natural fit in the show. Most importantly, Skylar’s story brought out past, present and future paternal relationships, including Rosen’s past with her and his care of the alpha team and their personal lives. Hopefully this means Zak Penn and Michael Karnow are planning future episodes with Glau... I won’t hide my feelings that Glau would be a terrific addition as a cast regular.

Erin Willard for Quote : YES, SUMMER GLAU! And my favorite episode to date...
Summer’s part was terrific and she looked terrific, the part and the look both being a little edgy. She was allowed some personality and some action, and her character and Alpha ability were engaging; it was a bit of a mashup with River from Firefly and Orwell from The Cape. It’s always great to see Summer, especially in a well-written role...
Factoring in the addition of Summer Glau and the continuing character development made this one of the strongest Alphas episodes yet.

Eric Goldman for IGN Quote : Ah, Summer Glau, you awesome queen of geek TV, it's good to see you on Alphas – especially since your talents were wasted in the oh-so goofy The Cape this year. This episode marked a reunion for Glau with Alphas executive producer Ira Steven Behr, after the two had previously worked together on The 4400...
The bad hair aside, Skylar was a cool character, well-played by Glau – moody and distrustful, but highly motivated to escape any out to capture her...
Because more Summer Glau is always a good thing.

Jerome Wetzel for blogcritics Quote : Summer Glau is a perfect fit for Alphas for the simple reason that Alphas is a science fiction show, and it seems that no modern sci-fit hit is complete without at least a visit from Glau. This is not a bad thing, as Glau is terrific, and Alphas explores yet another new character for her, rather than retreading the same ground.

Abbie Bernstein for assignmentx Quote : The casting of Glau as Skylar works splendidly. It should surprise no one that Glau is terrific playing a character who is harder and more worldly than others she is known for.

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