Adrian can perceive the world around himself as patterns of magnetic and electrical energy. He can perceive the natural bioelectrical fields surrounding all living organism including plants and animals. He is able to manipulate the electrical and magnetic fields produced by his heart “which has a radius of around one yards at its highest intensity and several yards at its lowest intensity” increasing and decreasing it at will at will. This allows him to manipulate to a degree any objects susceptible to electromagnetic fields within his radius biological (humans, plants, animals, etc.), metallic (Bullets, vehicles, etc.), and electrical (computers).

His body can discharge electrical energy with enough precision and intensity to stun or kill a person via the disruption of their bodies neuropathy ways with a single touch to the forehead. He can influence electrical devices within his vicinity turning them on and off as well as generate “EMP’s” strong enough to knock out all electrical devices within his immediate radius or the equivalent of an entire city block however the latter does leave him dizzy for several minutes. Adrian can hear radio waves meaning he can listen in on the police broadband and music stations, as well as tapping into the phone lines so he can make calls or interfere with radio waves disrupting communications within a several hundred yard radius. He can stick (cling) to other objects owing to static electricity walking on walls and ceilings as well as magnetize surfaces. He can influence the bodies of those within his immediate radius hitting them with an electromagnetic wave which temporally paralyzes them via their own bodies misinterpretation of its own electrical signals making their muscles contract for several minutes or with a single touch he can also cause disruptions to a person’s nervous system, severing the signals and deranging their body control, making their body move in any way, except how they want it to move just walking becomes impossible. This is permanent unless he restores their bodies nervous system. He can manipulate ferrous objects and materials within his immediate radius redirecting dozens of bullets, in mid-air being shot in his direction from an automatic rifle.

However his power is directly linked to the strength of his heart muscles and does have its limitations for example he can only lift between several hundred to one thousand pounds at any given time anymore could result in unconsciousness possibly leading to death depending on how much damage his heart has sustained.

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