Subject is a Neuralative Aptitudinal who can instantly understand the workings of anything no matter how simple or complex, without any special education. He can instantly learn how things work, instinctively figuring out how to work any device by means of first glance or from the slightest touch.

Subject can repair the mind and resist mental instability, enabled through his understanding of how his own mind as well as the minds of others function. His understanding is so complete he can acquire the alpha ability of others by studying their unique neural pathways. This allows him to intuitively understand how any alpha ability work, how to control it, how to master it and how to reproduce it at will.

His ability also allows him to perceive what part of an area is least dangerous, and how to get there with the least harm. If he is cornered (even in a conversation), he is able perceive which of the foes he will be able to slip past, and how to slip past him most effectively. However he can only avoid avoidable situations (if an event has been sealed as a definite future, is too big, or is too widespread and then this power will be of little use). This ability may also be an extension of his acquired Hyperkinetic ability working in conjunction with his original Neuralative Aptitudinal ability.

Alpha Abilities Acquired

With the Subject's ability enabling him to acquire the abilities of others, he has currently acquired several abilities of which a good number of them are from Binghamton via Dr. Lee Rosen case files.

  • Quantitative Aptitudinal, from (Skylar Adams)
  • Hyperkinetic, from (Marcus Ayers)
  • Transducer, from (Gary Bell)
  • Hyperadrenal, from (Bill Harken)
  • Synesthete, from (Rachel Pirzad)
  • Influencer, from (Nina Theroux)
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