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Tyler Hicks
Portrayed By Adam Parker
First Seen "Pilot"
Status Living
Gender Male
Family Cameron Hicks, father
Patti Hicks, mother
Alpha Type Hyperkinetic


The son of Cameron Hicks and Patti Hicks. He takes after his father as a pitcher for his baseball team and may also have Alpha tendencies as noted by Dr. Lee Rosen. He exhibits his father´s abilities when throwing a soda can in a trash bin with perfect aim.


Season 2[]

In "Gaslight", Cameron speaks with Tyler by webcam and learns that Patti is moving to San Francisco with her new boyfriend. Due in part to his guilt over his treatment of Tyler when he was drinking, Cameron subsequently suffers infrasound-induced visions of Tyler being tortured. Later, Cameron goes to see Tyler and embraces him.

In "Falling", Tyler comes to visit his father and things become tense when Cameron tests his son's abilities by taking him for batting practice. His son doesn't do well and becomes angry at his father. Danielle Rosen later uses her ability to let them sharing their feelings and realize that they have misunderstood each other.


Although not confirmed it is highly implied and very likely that Tyler has inherited his fathers alpha abilities as a Hyperkinetic. As a hyperkinetic he would possesses flawless aim, perfect balance, and greatly enhanced motor skills. Like Hicks's ability Tyler's appears to be controlled by his emotions and strong emotions can tamper with them, as seen when Cameron upset his son on the baseball field and he was not able to manifest his abilities.


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