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First Seen Original Sin
Last Seen Original Sin
Status Living
Gender Female
Family Tricia (sister)

Red Flag Operative

Alpha Type Hyperkinetic

Trisha is a member of Red Flag who wanted to go public and tell the world about the Alpha phenomenon.


Season 2[]

Original Sin[]

Trisha was an alpha that was part of Stanton Parish's trap to kill all his members that wanted to go public. During the Raid on Highland Mills, she can be seen on the catwalk, standing above the other members. When Cameron enters the building, she ends up across from them and they duel. She is seen using a pair of small hunting knives that are able to deflect Cameron's bullets. Cameron does knock these out of her hands with his gun, so she jumps over his head, ripping his mask from his face and leaving him vulnerable to the gas. Cameron is out of bullets, so the two fight hand-to-hand. Tisha is able to knock Cameron to the ground and kick him across the face, leaving him unconscious.

Powers and Abilities[]

Tisha is a Hyperkinetic alpha. Her weapon of choice is seemingly a pair of small hunting knives. She is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant as well, and is seen being able to defeat Cameron Hicks and escape the raid.


In Alphaville, Cameron duels a hyperkinetic named Tricia. She is seen fighting with a gun, saw blades, and also hand-to-hand. Before she is tackled and knocked out by Bill Harken she says to Cameron, "My sister says she kicked your ass at Highland Mills". It can be assumed that she is talking about Trisha, due to their similar names, fighting styles, and abilities.


Trisha on the catwalk.


Trisha through the gas.


Trisha deflecting Cameron's bullets with her knives.


Trisha with one knife knocked out of her hand.


Trisha charges a disarmed Cameron.

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Trisha removing Cameron's gas mask.