Throat Singing Alpha
Portrayed By Adriano Sobretodo Jr.
First Seen "Wake Up Call"
Status Alive
Gender Male


Alpha Type Sonic Sonic

The Throat Singing Alpha is a thief that appears with Jeff Kowalka and Megan Bates. He is a Sonic Alpha and used his power to incapacitate all of the people in the grocery story. He and Jeff Kowalka are able to escape, but not Megan Bates.

Physical Appearance

This Alpha is of Asian descent. He has dark hair and small eyes. He has a lanky build and is tall.


Season 2

Wake Up Call

During an armed robbery on a grocery store where he uses his ability to incapacitate the attacking strike force. He is later seen with Jeff, who he escaped with, meeting Stanton Parrish for an attack on a train.


Throat Singer is the glass breaking, screaming-type Sonic Alpha. It is unclear if he is blind. But he is able to pop blood vessels and he can break glasses and other stuff.

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