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The Quick and the Dead
Season 2, Episode 2
The Quick and the Dead
Air Date July 30, 2012
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Get this through your head: 'I'm done'

—Nina, leaving Rosen's Team

"The Quick and the Dead" is the second episode of the second season of Alphas. It aired on Syfy on July 30, 2012.


Dr. Rosen and his team launch an investigation into a killer with super-speed, but problems arise when the group realizes that their actions have led the evil Alpha directly to them, which results in deadly consequences.


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Eli Aquino is watching rain come down on cars in traffic. Walking between raindrops, he goes into a Japanese restaurant and finally spots the man he is looking for, Dr. Jay Westman. Eli grabs Westman and speeds out with him faster than anyone can see.

Danielle Rosen is in bed with her lover... Cameron Hicks. She restrains her power as best she can. Afterward, Danielle asks if anything is wrong and Cameron admits he’s not entirely comfortable with the fact that he’s dating his doctor’s daughter. He figures that things will get weird and he’s also worried about Nina , his ex-girlfriend. Danielle doesn’t want to talk about his ex-girlfriend and Cameron assures her that he doesn’t want things to change.

Rosen shows up at their headquarters, filled with new agents, and finds Gary throwing a temper tantrum because people aren’t respecting his shelf space in the refrigerator. Gary finally storms off and slams his office door shut. Cameron stops in to see Rachel, who is cleaning dust motes off of her office furniture. He wonders if Nina is in yet and Rachel figures that it’s going to be weird. He insists that it’ll be cool, but she points out that his pupils are dilating and his heart rate are up.

Clay comes to see Rosen in his office and explains that a lot of the new staff are analysts. The FBI agent admits that he had to call in a lot of favors to get Rosen out, but insists that he’s not their enemy. Rosen is willing to accept the arrangement and asks about the cargo train crash outside of New Jersey. He’s confirmed that there was sulphur and copper destroyed and figures that someone benefited. Nathan believes that it was an accident, but Rosen points out that Stanton Parish operates in the shadows and that he could have arranged the accident. The FBI agent isn’t convinced that Stanton exists, but Rosen assures him that he does. Bill comes in with a report of an odd abduction report in New York and Rosen insist on looking at the report.

Rachel, Bill, and Cameron go to the restaurant and Rachel tracks the abductor’s footprints. The witness statements indicate that no one saw the abductor. At base, Gary checks the footage and finds a blur that indicates the abductor was moving at ten times normal human speed. Rosen calculates that the abductor is burning 10,000 calories an hour, while Gary scans security footage and finds another blur five blocks from the kidnapping. They figure that they’re looking for an alpha with an accelerated metabolism and Rosen tells Rachel to smell for ketones. She smells lilac perfume on Cameron and wonders if he has a new girlfriend, but Cameron claims he just bought the wrong soap.

Rachel, Cameron, and Bill follow the odor trail to a fish processing plant at the docks. Rosen tells them that they need to go in immediately before the abductor harms his victim. Rachel insists on staying with the two men and they find a walk-in freezer with a handle that’s been wiped down. Cameron suggests that Bill amp up to rip the door open but Bill simply hits the release and they find the dead victim inside, stabbed with a screwdriver.

Back at the office, Bill checks the fingerprints on the screwdriver and confirms they belong to Eli, who was arrested and sent to Building Seven when he demonstrated superspeed abilities. Eli escaped with Scipio and the other prisoners, and Rachel puts in a request to Binghamton for Eli’s medical records. Bill is hesitant to let Rachel get involved, but Rosen says that she can decide for herself. They check the medical records and discover that Eli has an enlarged suprachiasmatic nucleus, which regulates circadian rhythms and accounts for his superspeed. When they study the photos, they realize that Eli is aging at an ever-accelerating rate. Eli doesn’t have a history of violence and Rosen has Gary check for similar crimes. Rachel and Cameron check out incident reports while Bill goes to talk to Westman’s wife.

As Cameron leaves, he sees Nina in the break room and he says that she didn’t miss anything. They’re interrupted when Gary goes after another government agent messing with his refrigerator shelf. He tells Cameron that he has six texts that he hasn’t answered and blurts out that they came from Danielle, but Nina has already left. She’s in her office putting up a print of a Van Gogh and Rosen notices. He warns her that she’s out of control and reminds her that she has to honor her commitments or he can’t have her on the team. Rachel comes in and overhears the conversation, and says that Bill needs help interviewing Mrs. Westman.

Nina and Rosen go to Bill’s office and Nina interrogates Mrs. Westman. Mrs. Westman says that she never saw Eli and Nina pushes her to dig a little deeper. The woman says that she had an affair with her brother-in-law and stole a scarf, and then snaps out of Nina’s spell. When Rosen leaves, he hears Gary complaining about the analysts. Gary says that he found another report of an abduction by a blurred figure eight minutes ago. He has the victim’s cell phone number and Rosen has him ping it.

Eli takes his victim, Dr. Lance Casey, to a warehouse, but the man admits that he doesn’t remember seeing Eli. Cameron and Bill trace the doctor’s cell phone and arrive in time to shoot the knife out of Eli’s hand. Eli runs off and Bill amps up to follow him, but fails to make a turn and smashes into a dumpster while Eli escapes.

Later, Bill and Rosen talk to Dr. Casey, who doesn’t recognize Eli as a patient until they show him a younger photo of Eli. Casey recognizes Westman as a doctor who worked with him at the Yankee Medical Group in Stamford, CT. They were working on pediatric hyperactivity and Casey administered the brainwave entrainment therapy. It’s a highly controversial theory but Casey insists that the parents signed the proper papers and they achieved some significant research.

Danielle is at a hospital working with Stanton using her powers to soothe the dying agony of one of his grandchildren. He explains that the woman was his 31st and last grandchild and she only knew him as a distant cousin. Stanton then asks about Rosen and Danielle takes his hand and shares her emotional state. She’s anxious and suggests that Stanton talk to Rosen and explain how things need to be. However, Stanton says that Rosen has to reach at least partway on his own, and then asks about Cameron. Danielle says that her new boyfriend is a nice guy and Stanton hopes that they can remain friends. He points out that she has to maintain control of her emotions and that she tends to lose control when she gets involved.

Later, Cameron meets Danielle and she tells him that she’s breaking up with him. She claims that things are too complicated now that her father is back and claims that her powers are influencing him. Cameron doesn’t believe it but Danielle walks away.

Back at the office, Bill insists that Casey should go to jail. Rosen agrees but says that they have to let Casey go so they can use him as bait. He thinks that Bill and Cameron are fast enough to keep up with Gary’s help, but Bill warns that the team isn’t ready yet. Rosen disagrees but Bill says that he’s been there for eight months and knows more than Rosen. He tells Rosen that he made his announcement about alphas without consulting the rest of the team and accuses him of having ego problems. Rosen says that he should go if he feels that way and Bill walks out.

Nina comes to see Cameron in his office as he prepares tranq darts for Eli. When he says that he’s over what happened, Nina says that she isn’t and apologizes for using her power on him. Nina blames herself for ruining their relationship and wants to make things right by trying again. After a moment, Cameron tells her that he’s seeing someone else. She asks who and Cameron says it doesn’t make a difference, but Nina uses her power to make him. Once she has the answer, she storms out and accuses Rachel of knowing because she sees and hears everything.

That night, Bill and Cameron set up surveillance across the street from Casey’s apartment while Gary checks the cameras. Cameron is distracted and Gary finally figures out that Cameron was having sex with Danielle.

At the office, Rachel tells Rosen that Nina isn’t returning her calls and says that she’s never seen her that upset. Rosen says that Nina is just working out some things and tells Rachel not to worry, and suggests that she go home and get some rest. Rachel prefers to go to the stakeout and Rosen agrees, but as she leaves she feels a brief burst of wind. Rosen starts to call Nina but the cell phone is snatched out of his hand. He realizes that Eli is there and the alpha grabs him and holds a knife to his throat. Eli explains that he doesn’t want to hurt him but he needs Rosen to make it all stop. He explains that Westman didn’t remember him and didn’t care, and Rosen says that he cares and that it was wrong what they did to him. He promises to do everything he can as quickly as he can but asks Eli to trust him.

When Rachel meets the others, she finds out about Cameron’s relationship with Danielle and figures that she’s manipulating him. Cameron insists that it’s different and that he has a connection with her, and he doesn’t believe it was the result of Danielle’s power. Rachel realizes that they’ve waited too long and that Eli isn’t that patient, and takes them back to the office.

Rosen held up

Rosen runs a MRI and tries to assure the impatient Eli that he will have to conduct more tests. As they talk, Eli sees Rosen’s file on Stanton and recognizes him as the man who ran the clinic. Rosen assures Eli that he didn’t work with Stanton and asks about him, but Eli wants to focus on him. They’re both unaware that Danielle has come in. She calls Cameron and tells him that something doesn’t feel right, but Eli catches her and smashes her phone. The alpha starts to panic and Rosen says that he will help him get answers as long as he leaves Danielle out of it.

When the rest of the team returns to their office, they find Danielle tied up and gagged. She tells them that Eli took her father but doesn’t know way. Gary spots him on the highway cameras and Bill, Cameron, Rachel, and Danielle drive after him. Meanwhile, Eli has Rosen drive to the location of the clinic but there’s nothing there. He wonders what they can do now and insists that he wants things to go back to the way they were. Rosen warns him that they can slow down the process but they can’t reverse it.

The FBI pulls up and Eli accuses Rosen of betraying him. He superspeeds away with Rosen into a nearby church and the team runs after him. Eli threatens to cut Rosen’s throat if they try to attack him, and Rosen insists that he can trust him. Danielle walks forward and Eli runs to her and holds the knife to her throat. She says that she can help and uses her power to slow him down. Eli thanks her and then a shot rings out, hitting Eli in the back. Cameron holds a shocked Danielle, who insists that Eli was just a kid.

The next day, Nathan meets with Bill and Rosen. They still haven’t identified the shooter and Bill questions their procedure. Rosen insists that they have faith in Nathan and his team but admits that his team is out of sync because he hasn’t made them comfortable with all the changes. He asks for a little more space and suggests that since the third floor is for lease, Nathan could move his team up there. Once Nathan leaves, Bill admits that Rosen handled it well, but Rosen is furious that someone killed Eli after Rosen said the alpha could trust him. He then apologizes to Bill for letting them down because of his ego and promises that he’ll make it up to them.

Danielle meets with Stanton and says that she wants to be with Cameron. He lets her but tells her to be careful.

Rachel checks with the others and asks if they’ve heard from Nina, but no one has seen her. Rosen comes in and says that something went wrong. He says that they will continue working with Nathan and the FBI but won’t give them their inside information. Rosen believes that someone eliminated their only concrete connection to Stanton and tells the others that they should only trust each other.

Stanton goes to see his elderly grandchild and kisses her on the forehead. He then smothers her to death.

Nina leaves

Nina is at her favorite bar drinking when Rosen finds her. She points out that he killed another alpha and that a lot of people like her die around him. When Rosen asks why she isn’t returning her calls, Nina tells him that she’s done and walks away. As she leaves, Nina tells Rosen that Cameron is involved with Danielle. When he tries to reassure her, Nina uses her power and tells him to stop talking because she’s gone. When Rosen snaps out of it, he’s alone at the bar as they close up.



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Hicks: She in yet?
Rachel: You know Nina isn't the most prompt person in the world.
Hicks: Hmm.
Rachel: It's gonna be weird here, isn't it? You two working here together.
Hicks: No. No, we're... we're cool.
Rachel: Really? 'Cause your pupils just dilated and your heart rate is up.
Hicks: Good to have you back, Rach.

Nathan Clay: I love that government-style paperwork.
Rosen: You know, to be honest, I did enjoy putting "Mental Institution" under "previous address."

Rachel: Lilac perfume. New girlfriend?
Hicks: I accidentally bought the wrong soap.
Bill: Really?
Hicks: Yeah.
Bill: You did? That's definitely the wrong soap, Hicks.

Hicks: Hey! This is a nice surprise, huh? Couldn't get through the day without a little Hicks fix? That was literally my best line.

Gary: Hicks is distracted by his girl problems. Ha. I don't have girl problems so I have complete focus.
Bill: You're having problems with Nina, huh?
Gary: No, he had breakfast with Dani Rosen. And she said it was "yummy." But Hicks won't tell me what they ate.
Bill: Is that so?
Gary: Wait, Hicks, was breakfast not really breakfast? Was breakfast sex?
Hicks: I am not having this conversation right now.
Gary: Hicks, I broke your sex code.
Bill: Dani Rosen?
Hicks: With either one of you.

Rachel: Hey, where's Nina? Has anyone heard from her?
Gary: Hicks hasn't. But he has heard from Dani. He calls her "baby," which is weird because they're the same age.
Hicks: Gary, I will kill you.
Gary: No, I'll kill you first. I get up at 7:42.




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