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The Devil Will Drag You Under
Season 2, Episode 9
Air Date September 24, 2012
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"The Devil Will Drag You Under" is the ninth episode of the second season Alphas. It airs on Syfy on September 24, 2012.


Rosen's team is torn from within when Cameron joins forces with Stanton Parish to set off a bomb that could kill millions in New York City.


Rosen is at the airport at night, waiting for someone to arrive.

Earlier, Rosen meets with his daughter Danielle and shows her the plea arrangement that he's set up. She signs, agreeing to go undercover to find out what Stanton is planning. As Rosen goes to give the papers to Clay, Danielle assures her father that she knows what she's doing and she'll be okay.

Danielle doesn't show up at the airport for the meeting. The next day, he tells the team that Cley believes she's loyal to Stanton but Rosen doesn't believe it. Cameron is angry that Rosen sent Danielle in, while Bill is unhappy that Rosen and Cley didn't keep him in the loop. Rosen insists that Danielle made the choice of her own free will, but Cameron wonders if he psyched her into going undercover. He says that Danielle may be better with Stanton and walks away. Rosen goes after him and Cameron accuses him of using Danielle just like he uses everyone and then shoves him away and goes.

Two Weeks Later

Bill and Nina are in the field following Gary's directions to Scipio, who is robbing the Darpa Storage Facility with a super-strong Alpha, Jeff. The two Alphas burn and bludgeon their way through the security forces and a man on a motorcycle pulls up to take the duffle bags they're carrying. As Bill and Nina arrive, the see the third man: Cameron. Bill tackles him and demands to know what he's doing, and Cameron says whatever it takes. When Bill prepares to hit him, Nina tells him to stop. Meanwhile, Jeff throws a high-tech grenade high into the air. By the time that Bill, Nina, and the guards recover, the three intruders have escaped.

Back at the office, the team tries to work out why Cameron has gone to work with Stanton. Nina figures that they can trust their teammate.

Cameron, Scipio, and Jeff rendezvous with the other Building 7 escapees. Cameron wonders what they stole but Scipio tells him that it's need-to-know. Scipio wonders how Rosen found them and Cameron figures that Gary or Nina traced them. He admits that he's doing it for Danielle and Scipio dismisses him as a romantic.

At the office, Rachel explains that the thieves took a voltaic grenade that overloads electrical systems and creates a violent storm. Hundreds of people could die from one properly-placed grenade at a suitably large electrical junction. Rosen insists that they need to track down the grenades rather than worry about Cameron and Danielle.

As Cameron and Scipio walk up to the manor that Stanton is using as his base, he insists that he is joining the cause because of the government's treatment of all Alphas. He asks for a face-to-face meeting with Stanton, but Scipio tells him to be patient. When they enter the house, a woman named Agnes Walker comes down and says that Stanton wanted her to talk to Cameron. Scipio tells Cameron that nobody can hide anything from her and they tie him to a chair. Agnes explains that when she touches someone it rips open their mind. She goes to work and Cameron screams in agony, while outside Stanton listens.

Agnes sees all of Cameron's immediate memories, including his discussing Stanton with Danielle and her suggesting that she set up a meeting. She finally stops and offers Cameron something to drink. Agnes apologizes for causing him pain and admits that she can't turn off her ability. She tells Cameron that he's lucky to have someone like Danielle and figures that she'll be seeing her again soon. However, she warns Cameron that there is still something in his mind, something out of focus, and Cameron tells her to go back to work.

Nina stops at the break room in to see Gary, who is eating his pudding early. He's uncomfortable with the people they've called in to help find the grenades, and admits that he doesn't like Cameron and Danielle now that they've joined Stanton. Nina tells him that people do things for complicated reasons and Gary offers her one of his puddings. Bill then comes in and asks him to look into the Darpa robbery because Cameron was acting oddly, and Gary echoes Nina's words about people being complicated.

Agnes finishes her interrogation and leaves Cameron alone. When he wakes up, he finds Stanton waiting for him. The immortal says that Agnes gave him top marks and Cameron says that he's there to help make a better world. Stanton says that he can't see Danielle at the moment because he's keeping her safe until he can confirm if she's on his side. He insists that he doesn't want to cause her pain but some things seem inevitable, and then tells Cameron to get some rest and walks away.

That night, Nina stops by Rosen's office and asks if he ate, and Rosen admits that he can't remember. She blames herself for what happened at Darpa, but Rosen tells her that all of it is on him. As she goes, Nina tells him that there's some food in the fridge if he wants it.

The next morning, Stanton visits Danielle aboard a docked freighter, Cerberus, where he's keeping her. He tells her that he talked with Cameron and Danielle asks him not to hurt her. The immortal says that he doesn't want to hurt her and that's why he's giving her one last chance to convince him. They go up on deck and Stanton says that he could tell she was going to betray him when he told her about the world he wanted to create. Stanton believes that civilization will collapse due to overpopulation and that he needs to cull the herd. Danielle points out that he's talking mass murder but he insists that if they do nothing then there will be nothing but ash. If they act, they will have a paradise with unlimited resources, and Stanton asks which she would choose. Danielle realizes that it's started and Stanton admits that the first step of a thousand has begun. He asks her to join him and kisses her hand, explaining that she's family. Danielle says that she feels the same but Stanton says that he has to have Agnes make sure and has his man take her back to her room.

Agnes drives to the freighter and Cameron secretly follows her on his motorcycle.

Bill orders the analysts out and then tells Nina that she's under arrest. He's worked out that she used her power on him when he grabbed Cameron at Darpa, and Gary worked out that he lost some time. Nina asks to talk to Bill in private but when he refuses, she insists that she did what she had to. When she walks away, Rosen stops Bill and says that they need to talk.

Agnes arrives at the Cerberus and Stanton tells her to find out everything about Danielle while he goes to handle the distribution of the grenades. When Agnes points out that Danielle spooked him, Stanton admits that she made him doubt for a moment. Once he leaves, Agnes goes to the tool cage where Danielle is kept and prepares to interrogate her. Cameron breaks in and draws a gun on Agnes, who wonders how he shielded his mind. She wants to know and promises not to scream if he lets her touch him. Cameron agrees and Agnes discovers that Rosen used a combination of inhibitor drugs and Nina's pushes to let him resist telepathic probes. Nina then implanted a command for him to find Danielle no matter what it takes.

Agnes, surprised that Cameron went through so much for Danielle, gives them ten minutes. As they get on the deck, Danielle insists that she wants to stay and find out what Stanton is up to. All Cameron knows is that Stanton had him deliver the grenades and he heard about a shipping company, and Danielle remembers that Stanton owns a shipping depot in Weehawken.

At the office, Rosen is putting away his files on when Danielle calls. He then tells the others and warns them that Stanton is preparing to use all of the stolen grenades to generate an electrical storm covering all of Manhattan.

Stanton takes one of his Alphas, Eddie, to the docks and has the man use his Alpha ability to pinpoint the most active conduit running through the city. Once he locates it, Stanton calls Scipio and Jeff at the shipping depot where they have the grenades. Before they can leave, Cameron jumps them and takes Jeff out. Before Scipio can burn him, Danielle uses her ability and stuns him. However, Jeff recovers, boosting his strength, and tackles Cameron while Scipio burns Danielle's leg. He gets a better grip on her and burns her while Kimi Milard, another Alpha, comes out and uses her voice manipulation ability on Cameron. He then picks up a gun and prepares to shoot himself. However, Bill arrives and knocks Jeff down and then takes out Kimi. Nina gets to Cameron and orders him to put down the gun, and Rosen runs to his daughter and makes sure that he's okay.

Scipio drives off in a van with the grenades and Cameron gets on his motorcycle. Danielle insists on riding with him and the others take the SUV. Cameron closes in while Rosen calls Gary at the office and has him locate the largest power line in the city.

As they arrive at a power station, Cameron has Danielle get off and then drives directly at Scipio's van. He leaps off at the last second and lets the motorcycle hit the van, knocking it out of control. Cameron and Danielle kiss and she thanks him for coming to get her. They go to the van but discover that Scipio has escaped. Cameron calls the others and Gary tells them that the crash site is the target. All of the grenades are wired up into an IED in the back of the van and hooked up to a remote trigger. The bomb squad is fifteen minutes away and they're running out of time.

Cameron tells Gary to find a database, but Gary is busy using Skylar's phone to shut down the power and minimize the damage from the grenades. Gary needs time and Danielle says that she has a way. She asks him to trust her and then takes Cameron's phone and gets in the back of the van. When Cameron offers to get in with her, she says that Stanton can't see him and that she has it covered.

Stanton is watching when Danielle calls. She shows him the grenades and tells him to let it go rather than kill her. Stanton asks her to step away but she refuses to let him kill millions of people. Eddie realizes that the grid is shutting down and tells Stanton that they have to act now. Danielle tells Stanton that there has to be a way to make the world better without killing anyone, but he says it isn't true and asks her not to make him do it.

The others pull up and Rosen tries to go to Danielle. Cameron stops him, explaining that she's buying them time. Meanwhile, Danielle reminds Stanton that he taught her that she has to stand by her principles. Stanton tells her that she is more than he could have ever hoped for... and then detonates the grenades. As Cameron runs to the van, Danielle leaps out as the explosion sends her flying and knocks Cameron back.

Gary confirms that he diverted the power but the phone is out and there's no one there to boast to except for Lorenzo the janitor.

Eddie tells Stanton that it didn't work. Stanton says that it did what they needed, and now it has begun.

Rosen checks on the others and confirms that Bill, Rachel, and Nina are okay. He runs to what's left of the van and finds Danielle, dying. Rosen begs Danielle to stay with him and then calls to Cameron. He calls over Nina who tries to push her into staying alive. Despite that, Danielle passes away and Rosen holds her amidst the wreckage.

Written by Gadfly at


Agnes: When I touch someone, it rips open their mind.
Cameron: That doesn't sound very pleasant.
Agnes: You might want to clench your jaw.
Cameron: Does that help?
Agnes: No, I just don't want you to bite off your tongue.

Rosen: Nina, it's my responsibility. Whatever happens to Cameron, or Dani, or anyone. It's my responsibility.
Nina: You shouldn't have to carry that alone.
Rosen: Yes, I should.

Gary: I only have two hands.
Bill: Busy doing what?
Gary: I'm saving the world, Bill. Come on.

Danielle: Stanton... You taught me to stand for my principles. You taught me that sometimes, sacrifices need to be made. I listened.
Stanton: My sweet Danielle. Fighting for what she believes in. You are more than I ever could have hoped for. I am so proud of you. You will always be remembered.


  • Sarah Slywchuk will reappear as Kimi Milard. [1]
  • Casting calls went out for two guest characters in episode 2x09. The first one, Agnes, can read people's thoughts and memories, and there is a pretty cruel twist to her ability, as Hicks will discover in this episode. She works for Stanton Parish. [2]
  • The second character, Eddie, is also an alpha who also works for Stanton Parish. He has the ability to see electrical power, (Electrogenic?/Transducer?), and suffers from cerebral palsy. [3]
  • Kat does not appear in this episode, as the character is training at Quantico.
  • The title comes from the song "Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat" from "Guys and Dolls".



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