Infobox character

Infobox character
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This template provides an information box for a character page.

{{Infobox character
| actor      = 
| otheractor = 
| explain    = 
| image      = 
| first      = 
| seen_in    = 
| last       = 
| mentioned  = 
| aka        = 
| age        = 
| family     = 
| status     = 
| gender     = 
| profession = 
| alphatype  = 

== Background ==

== Events ==

== Trivia ==



  1. To add this template to a page, type {{Info and wait for the predictive text. Select {{Infobox character/doc}}, click on the preview button and copy and paste the boxed portion of the preview results back into the edit box.
  2. {{DEFAULTSORT:}}, == Background ==, == Events ==, and == Trivia == are not functional parts of the template; they are provided to ease page creation.
  3. The variable "explain" applies to "otheractor" and will only appear if "otheractor" is completed.
first, last / seen_in
The variables "first" and "last" are intended for characters who appear in more than one episode.
The variable "seen_in" is intended for characters who appear in only one episode and "seen_in" should be the starting point for each character, except the obvious stars.
status, gender
The template constructs a category based on "status" (Living/Missing/Deceased), "gender" (Male/Female), and the word "Character" (e.g.: [[Category: Deceased Female Character]], [[Category: Missing Male Character]]). (In the absence of evidence to the contrary, characters who were last seen living remain "Living" even if never seen again.)
The template adds [[Category: Character pages without images]] if the "image" variable is not completed. Neither the term "File:" nor "Image:" is required; that information is included in the template.
may take one of the following values
  • Hyperadrenal
  • Transducer
  • Hyperkinetic
  • Synesthete
  • Influencer
  • Electrogenic
  • Translator
  • Sonic
  • Proprioceptive Inhibitor
  • Morphogene
  • Empathetic Contagion
  • Quantitative Aptitudinal
Will be filled in with the correct icon/link and categories, for example:
alphatype = Influencer will produce Alphatype-influencer.jpg Influencer, add Categories Influencers, Alpha Characters

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