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Ted Asher
Portrayed By Dylan Scott Smith
Ted asher
First Seen Wake Up Call
Status Living
Gender Male

Red Flag Operative

Alpha Type Weakness Detector

Ted Asher is a Weakness Detector Alpha, and a Red Flag operative. He was a part of the prison break from Building 7 in Wake Up Call.


Season 2[]

Wake Up Call[]

Asher was one of the alphas Dr. Rosen had sent to Binghamton. During Red Flag's coordinated escape, he worked to bring down a brick wall on the southeast corner of Building 7. He was captured shortly after.

Physical Appearance[]

Ted is a Caucasian male. He has black curly hair and has a strong build, which is good due to his ability.

Powers and Abilities[]

Asher's variety of synesthesia focuses on weaknesses in a structure. When he met Dr. Rosen, he was able to see the doctor's aging heart, as well as strike his radial nerve with pinpoint accuracy. He can also use this ability on inanimate objects, breaking down a brick wall. His ability allows him to minimize or avoid inflicting damage on himself: thus he doesn't injure his hands while hitting a brick wall.

This variation on the synesthete ability probably collects information from an object, detailing any degradation. If a person's circulatory system is degraded, his/her pulse is abnormal, the body language reacts to that weakness, and even pheromones can be emitted at different levels. All this information could be collated and used to pinpoint the source of the weakness.