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Skylar Adams
Portrayed By Summer Glau
First Seen Catch and Release
Last Seen God's Eye
Status Alive (unconscious)
Gender Female
Age Mid-20s to Late-20s
Family Zoe Adams (daughter)
Alpha Type Quantitative Aptitudinal Quantitative Aptitudinal

Skylar Adams is an Alpha with superhuman intuitive genius and the mother of Zoe Adams and friend to Nina Theroux. As of the events of "Catch and Release", she is currently residing in Canada with her daughter, Zoe.

Season 1[]

Skylar Adams, an Alpha-powered super-inventor, is working in her loft laboratory when her robotic wasp detects soldiers approaching. By the time the soldiers get into her place, Skylar is perched on a roof across the street and, with the press of a button she detonates a bomb, preventing them from following her any further.

When Agent Sullivan finds out about the incident with Skylar, the team heads over to her loft to investigate. Thanks to Rachel's abilities, the team gets a lead on Skylar's whereabouts and tracks her down at a farmer's market in Brooklyn. Somehow, however, the soldiers have gotten to the farmer's market first. With Skylar in danger, the team jumps into action and is able, just barely, to save her, although she doesn't appreciate it.

At headquarters, Skylar seems ungrateful but her instincts prove correct; even though Dr. Rosen reassures her that the team will protect her, Agent Sullivan soon shows up with orders to keep Skylar in "protective custody" at Binghamton while she creates weapons for the Department of Defense. Before Agent Clay and the rest of the Binghamton team show up, the soldiers who have been following Skylar appear with their guns at the ready. In a dangerous standoff, badges are drawn and it turns out that the soldiers are NSA agents. It seems that Skylar has been freelancing for the NSA and they have suspected her of selling military secrets via a complex mathematical algorithm.

Using her impressive inventing skills, Skylar builds a machine to incapacitate all of the people chasing her and seeks out the help of Nina, the one person she thinks she can trust. Nina helps Skylar blindly, hoping that her trust won’t be betrayed. Their first stop is to kill B.O.B., the machine Skylar built for the NSA to track anyone and everyone in the world.

With Gary's help, the team finds out that Skylar has been protecting her mathematically gifted daughter Zoe all along. Somehow, Skylar's Alpha abilities have been passed on to her daughter in a remarkable way and Skylar has been trying to prevent her from becoming a human guinea pig. Making a judgment call that he knows could land him in hot water, Dr. Rosen allows Skylar and her daughter to escape.

Season 2[]

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Powers and Abilities[]

Skylar is a Quantitative Aptitudinal who can invent devices years ahead of their time, create devices from random things around her in a short amount of time, and can escape from situations very easily.

Physical Appearance[]

In Season 1 she has short and long strands of brown hair with blonde bangs and a streak of it along with many tattoos. She has Caucasian skin and dark hazel brown eyes.

Then in Season 2, she grows her hair out to go past her shoulders and does not have blonde bangs. At first it appears she got her tattoos lasered off but it is then revealed that they are only visible through the use of a light-emitting device of her own invention. 


  • It is mentioned that she and Nina met each other years beforehand.
  • Like Nina, Dr. Rosen had offered her a place in the team. However, she refused it, knowing that if she accepted, she too would have to be in submission to the government "flunkies", or people who takes orders from others.
  • She invented "Bob", a device that uses bioelectric signature and satellite to track down anyone on earth.
  • Has invented a device that if used for ten minutes gives the same effect as having slept for 8 hours
  • She has invented a coffee machine which serves drinks by voice commands.
  • She created robot wasp good for tracking and spying.
  • She made cubes with electricity that shock people.
  • When Nina attempted to "push" her, Skylar says she has on contacts that negate the effects.
  • She created a machine that uses light and sound to stun people.
  • Skylar created a bomb using a fire extinguisher and an elevator button panel.
  • She created the Photo-Stimulator cubes which when hooked to machines causes Alpha skills to be awakened or enhanced.