Alphas Wiki
Portrayed By Azra Valani
Seen In "Falling"
Status Living
Gender Female


Shelly is an Alpha of unknown abilities.


Shelly's blood serves as the source of the Jump drug that temporarily gives normal humans invulnerability.


Season 2[]

Shelly was first seen when Kat explored the basement of her boyfriend Dylan Renfro and found the woman in Dylan's bathroom, lying in a tub. Her blood was being siphoned off into bottles for use in the manufacture of Jump. Shelly refused to be rescued, demonstrating a psychological dependency on Dylan, and fought Kat's efforts to rescue her. She is presumably taken into custody and/or hospitalized after Kat stops Dylan from escaping.

Powers and Abilities[]

Shelly's Alpha ability is never specified but her blood is the key ingredient for the production of the drug Jump that reshapes tissue at the molecular level, creating a protective shield of hardened skin rendering the user temporarily indestructible.


The nature of Shelly's Alpha abilities are unknown. However, her Alpha ability may simply make her blood suitable for bio-modification, or she may have the ability to alter her own blood.