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Scott A. Cavalheiro
Character Cute Guy
IMDb Scott Cavalheiro

Scott Cavalheiro plays the Cute Guy in Alphas.

Scott has been acting professionally for a few years now and since then, has managed to work on television and commercial roles, on HBO Cinemax, Space Network, Comedy Network, CTV, Showcase, and Global Television. Although he hasn't officially been acting for too many years, his passion for entertainment began early in his native town of Bradford, Ontario, where he was always caught being the class-comedian and the theatrical clown. If it wasn't for his determination and the encouragement from his friends and family, Scott would have pursued a career in medicine, as his University degree dictates. During University, Scott became a foot model, modelling his size 13 feet for various foot fetish websites

Scott was thrilled to be a part of ANYTHING GOES and cannot thank his colleagues enough for helping him stay focused along the way. He hopes the best for all the cast and crew and would be more than pleased to work such an excellent team in the future. “To make something of it.”


TV Series[]

  • Body Language (2008)
  • Ca$h & Burn (2010)
  • Flashpoint (2011)
  • Alphas (2012)
  • Space Janitors (2012)
  • Christmas With a View (2018)