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Sandra Bell
Portrayed By Jane Moffat
Sandra Bell
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Catch and Release
Status Living
Gender Female
Family Gary Bell (son)


Sandra Bell is the mother of Gary Bell. She does not want her son driving and doesn't let him do much on his own, although Gary insists he can do stuff by himself. She doesn't like the fact that Gary works for Dr. Rosen, believing he is both a bad influence and puts him in danger too often. Once she even tried to resign and get a new job for Gary behind his back. When Gary found out and told his mother he would not change jobs, she continued to make plans for him working for his Uncle Alan. She finally stopped meddling when Gary told her he was happy and felt normal at his job.


Sandra was last seen in If Memory Serves when Gary was visiting her in the hospital after she got into an accident.