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Season One, Episode Four
Air Date August 1, 2011
Written By Zak Penn
Michael Karnow
Adam Levy
Directed By Karen Gaviola
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"Rosetta" is the fourth episode of Alphas. It first aired on Syfy from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm on August 1, 2011.


Gary is at home, brushing his teeth, and his mother makes sure his water is the right temperature. He disagrees but refuses to get it himself, and she goes back to try again. As Gary studies the transmissions, he sees something interesting and then says "Gotcha."

At a suburban home, Purlec makes supper when his partner, Milos Kosar, comes in. Kosar plugs in his tablet to charge and sits down to eat, unaware that outside agents are moving in on the home. Down the street, Rachel listens in. Rosen and his Alpha team are there, and they confirm that the man inside is Milos Kosar, the man who sent The Ghost after them. Gary found him while scanning for cell phone signals. Rachel confirms there are three people inside, and Bill coordinates the assault teams. Cameron is leading another team and they prepare to move in. Agent Sullivan is there and asks Rosen for her opinion on what to do with Bill and Cameron.

Cameron's squad realizes that the approach to the house is too open. Cameron draws a pair of guns and tells them that he'll get them in. Rosen finally gives the order for them to move in. Bill bolsters his strength and Purlec uses his own Alpha ability to sense other Alphas coming. Cameron shoots the door off of its hinges and Bill breaks in. Kosar tries to grab his tablet but Purlec grabs him and they head for the door. Kosar concentrates... and the lights go out around the block. After a few seconds the lights come up and Rachel reports that she is only picking up one heartbeat in the backroom. Cameron and Bill investigate and find a woman sitting in a rocking chair, seemingly oblivious to their presence.

The next morning, Rosen tries to get through to the woman without success. He concludes that the home owner, Anna, is a barely-functional autistic and Nina reports that Anna has no family. Meanwhile, Rachel and Bill go over the house for evidence. Rachel finds singe marks and realizes that it wasn't a normal blackout. Meanwhile, both Cameron and Bill resent that they were sent in against unknown Alphas without being told. Rosen asks Nina to watch over Gary and Anna, who he's keeping at the house, and leaves. Inside, Gary watches as Anna goes through her own routine, feeling and stroking objects.

Back at the office, the others watch a video from the laptop with Red Flag talking of how they reject the label of deficient and consider themselves better. Cameron wants to watch it and try to deduce their mindset, but Rosen wants to move on. Bill discovers plans for an explosives triggering device and letterhead for Northwell Petroleum, a regional fuel company. Rosen figures that Red Flag will be targeting the company.

One of the government agents chats with Nina about what she can do. Meanwhile, Gary tries to get through to Anna and get her to explain. When she doesn't respond, Gary calls Nina's cell phone and puts her on mute. Once he has a signal, he tries to pick up what Anna's trying to say. He realizes that she's saying that she can help Gary and his team finds Milos.

That night, Gary calls Rosen in and explains that the signal he picked up from Milos' cell phone was a transmission that Anna encoded. He explains that Anna understands every language and Rosen tests her by speaking in Swahili. Gary is able to translate for her by reading the sounds she creates. Once he's alone with Nina, Rosen explains that Anna is a living universal translator. He's checked her case history and determined that she has apraxia, preventing her from being able to communicate. Anna has created her own unique language and no one noticed that she was an Alpha until Red Flag figured it out. Rosen believes that Anna can help them translate the tablet and believes she needs to stay in her house for maximum stability.

Sandra calls Rosen and demands that he bring Gary home. When Gary gets home, he says that since he's late he won't go to bed that night. When he goes inside, Sandra says that they can't keep putting Gary through the paces. Rosen explains that Gary has met a girl similar to himself and promises that there won't be any more late nights. Satisfied for the moment, Sandra goes inside with her son.

The next day, Gary gives Anna the tablet and asks her to decrypt Kosar's emails. She uses the sounds she makes by stroking a hairbrush to tie into the tablet and uses its voice synthesizer to talk to Gary. Excited, Gary talks about his ability and describes how he sees the signals. Nina comes in and tells them to get to work, and Anna starts translating.

At the office, Bill goes through the Red Flag files that Gary and Anna have decrypted. Rachel analyzes the carpet samples and realizes that a tightly-controlled static charge was used to create the brownout. Bill confirms from a number in the files that a Northwell petroleum truck is Kosar's target.

At a gas station, Kosar goes into the restroom and attacks a truck driver. He comes out where Purlec is waiting in the truck and tries to start the ignition. While Kosar waits for the charge to blow off, he gives the detonator to Purlec and makes sure the explosives are set. Once the charge bleeds off, the two men drive off.

Bill, Sullivan, and Cameron drive to intercept the Northwell truck. They try to divert their truck to an intersection by pulling in front of it. A second van moves to intercept, cutting the truck off on the side road. When Bill and the others arrive, they order the driver out but discover that they have the wrong truck (which is not the number that Bill got from Gary).

Kosar and Purlec drive onto the New Jersey turnpike.

Rosen meets with his team and assures Sullivan that he's confident that Kosar will go through with his plan. He calls Nina to have her bring Gary into the office.

As they work, Gary and Anna talk and she says that he doesn't need anyone to take care of him. Gary explains that he doesn't like to take care of certain things himself. Anna translates a file and gets the year wrong. He asks her to count to ten and she refuses, but admits she made a mistake. When Nina tells Gary that he has to go, he refuses and accuses her of pushing him. Gary insists that he's fine and refuses to discuss it any further with her.

At the office, Rosen tries to work out Kosar's plan. Cameron comes in and advises Rosen not to take it personal, but the doctor points out that Red Flag tried to kill him. The hyperkinetic concedes the point but tells Rosen to let Kosar make the mistakes.

Anna thanks Gary for staying with him, but he asks why she lied to him. He explains that he went through the messages and confirmed that she gave him the wrong truck number on purpose and tried to fool him (the logical continuity of this ploy is consistent with the logical deductions that can be made; however during the reveal of the trucks the wrong numbered truck is shown as Kosar's truck). Gary assumes that Anna works for Red Flag, but Anna explains that Red Flag works for her.

Bill and Cameron try to work out Red Flag's plan and they realize they need to see a list of all the other Northwell trucks on the roads. There are too many to cover all of them.

Anna explains that she writes all of the messages for Red Flag and that she wants Gary to join them. She promises that she won't treat him as a child, but Gary says that he can figure out what she did and that he doesn't want to hurt anyone. Anna agrees to help but first explains that there is a birth-defect prevention drug named Renestrin that will also prevent the birth of new Alphas. Since the government views Alphas as a problem to be fixed, Red Flag plans to send them a message that they're not a problem. Anna tells Gary to make a choice, and that all he has to do is remain silent.

Kosar drives the truck into New York City.

Anna repeats her question to Gary, and he explains that he has never made friends. He tells Anna that she's the first person he's met that he thinks of as a friend, but asks if she's really a friend. When Anna says that she is, Gary admits that he did something sneaky and figures she won't like it.

Bill is on the phone with Sullivan trying to set up a blockade of trucks when Rachel gets a call. Meanwhile, Nina reports to Rosen that Gary wouldn't come back. He disagrees with Nina's decision to leave Gary behind. Before he can pursue the matter, Bill and the others come out and explain that Gary has directed them to Montclair Pharmaceuticals. Gary has told them that Anna gave them the wrong information. They realize that Gary is in danger and Rosen takes Rachel and Nina with him to get Gary.

Gary says that Red Flag tried to kill Rosen, who is willing to help her. Anna says that she doesn't need his help and that Rosen isn't one of them. She overloads the tablet, jamming Gary with signals and causing him to collapse in pain.

Kosar and Purlec drive up to Montclair and Purlec senses Cameron and Bill coming. They drive through the security gate and Bill and Cameron follow them in. Kosar realizes that they won't make it in time and has Purlec take the wheel and get as close as possible to set off the charges. As he jumps out, Cameron tries to get a clear shot at the truck. Kosar electrifies the nearby water puddles, jamming the ignition on the pursuing vehicle. Bill goes after Kosar while Cameron shoots Purlec's hand before he can set off the charge. Kosar sees the detonator and runs to get it, and Bill shoves a van, smashing the detonator. When Bill touches the van, Kosar electrifies it, shocking him. Kosar runs to the explosive pack beneath the truck and activates it electronically, killing himself and Purlec while Bill gets to cover just in time.

Rosen, Nina, and Rachel arrive at the house and find the stunned Gary. He insists that he's fine and asks where Anna is. There's no sign of her and Gary walks out without comment. They take him home and Rosen tries to get through to Gary. Gary says that Rosen isn't one of them, and Rosen warns that Red Flag has extreme ideas. As he goes inside, Gary tells him to read the email that he sent him. Inside, Gary tells Sandra that he can take care of himself and she goes to bed. Once she leaves, Gary receives a signal from Anna, who says that she hopes he's still his friend. He shuts down the signal, smiles, and continues brushing his teeth.

Sullivan and Rosen watch a new propaganda broadcast from Red Flag. Rosen is sure that Anna is the one responsible and admits that he got emotional and underestimated her. He considers her argument and notes that if the drug had gone to market, it would have prevented any new Alphas from being born. When Sullivan wonders if he's changing sides, Rosen admits that he's conflicted. He then shows Sullivan that he's analyzed the messages that Anna flooded Gary with, and has learned that there are thousands of Red Flag members across the U.S.


Government Agent: In our briefing they said you guys were civilians.
Bill: They said that, huh?
Government Agent: SWAT?
Bill: Do I look like I don't know what I'm doing?

Government Agent: So the big guy's strong. John Woo guy's got aim. What do you do?
Nina: I can fly.
Government Agent: Really?
Nina: Yeah, laser beams shoot right out of my eyes.
Government Agent: Okay, forget I asked.

Bill: You know what I would love to see?
Hicks: Unicorns sliding down a rainbow?

Gary: She won't let me buy a leather jacket like the one in Step Up 2: The Streets.

Nina: I guess you do too, Mr. Merlin.

Gary: I'm not going to bed... I missed 9.30... I'm going to stay up... ALL NIGHT.

Nina: Hey Gary, you working in there?
Gary: No, I'm talking to Anna about myself. She thinks that I'm amazing.
Nina: I do too, Gary. Just get back to work, okay?

Bill: Can we please get a proper conference table?

Hicks: That sounded like a mission statement to me Doc. Now, if Red Flag has a plan, wouldn't this help us figure it out?

Gary: You sound like the lady on my voicemail.

Production Notes[]

The truck number that Anna translates and that Gary sends to Bill by fax reads US DOT 3679431. This is the truck they are actually looking for. However, the decoy truck that Bill tracks down is US DOT 3679432. It is explained that the first number is supposed to be false, but the property master messed up and put the correct number on the fax rather than the false one ending in 2 Bill was supposed to have received.



Nina: I guess you do too, Mr. Merlin.

Referencing the 1981–1982 CBS series Mr. Merlin, which starred Bernard Hughes as Merlin in the modern era, posing as a mechanic. He is forced to take on a young apprentice rather than lose his powers and his immortality.

Gary: She won't let me buy a leather jacket like the one in Step Up 2: The Streets.

Referencing the 2008 sequel to Step Up (2006). The movie chronicles the exploits of a young girl pursuing her dream to become a street dancer, while becoming romantically involved with another dancer, Chase, who wants her to audition to enter the Maryland School of the Arts.


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