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Rosen's Team is a team of Alphas to whom Lee Rosen is providing treatment for their various conditions and also performing conduct missions assigned by Don Wilson, an agent for Homeland Security until he dies and is replaced by another Agent.

The team's office space was, at the time of the pilot episode, in a building located near a bowling alley. By the second episode, the group has moved from the compromised first location to a location implied to be on Skymark Avenue in the borough of Queens, New York. The members of the team have been given the cover of special agents with the Defense Criminal Investigative Service.


  • Lee Rosen: Without him, the team doesn't exist and its members do not function effectively. When Rosen was institutionalized for eight months between seasons, Nina reverted to pushing strangers on a whim, Hicks lost accuracy in his aim, Gary got reassigned to the NSA and then sent to Building 7 when his new co-workers refused to accommodate him (resulting in a meltdown that injured two of them), and Rachel refused to leave her room because she couldn't control her senses. Bill didn't suffer overtly on any way other than enduring the after-effects of his adrenaline rushes, which would happen regardless of Rosen's presence. When Rosen came back, his counseling quickly helped Rachel leave her room, Hicks regain his aim, and Gary regain verbal communication.

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  • Gary and Rachel function as the main intelligence gatherers/analysts of the group--Gary for external data, such as pinging signals, accessing data, retrieving information, and Rachel for internal inspections, particularly for crime scenes and evidence.  Nina also aids in gaining (and controlling) information by pushing witnesses, suspects, or other key people in an investigation.
  • Bill and Cameron serve as the primary offensive Alphas of the team, with the addition of Kat in the latter part of the second season. When fighting, Bill utilizes his strength and speed, while Cameron uses his agility and marksmanship. Kat applies the skills and knowledge stored in her memory, and uses them to the advantage of the team. Nina often backs-up to disable targets, i.e. making them unconscious.
  • Rachel is the first in the team to have her abilities enhanced by the Photic Stimulator. However, Nina was able to naturally enhance her abilities as time progressed, even before the introduction of the Photic Stimulator. Bill also had improvements in the control of his abilities, particularly in decreasing the negative effects, due to his training with Kat. Gary, too, had a natural enhancement of his abilities, due to a brief encounter with Claude. 
  • The team is adept in maximizing the function of each of their abilities. For instance when all of them are in the field pursuing a target, Gary stays inside the van and scans cameras to find a general location of the target. Rachel often runs with Bill, Cameron, and Nina, to help pinpoint the target through smell, hearing, or sight. Bill and Cameron attack or defend if necessary to capture the target. Then, Nina renders the target unconscious.