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Vital statistics
Creator(s) Montclair Pharmaceutical
User(s) Montclair Pharmaceutical
Appearances "Rosetta"

Renestrin is a drug made created by Montclair Pharmaceutical designed to limit birth defects. The drug was meant to prevent brain damage in infants but it could theoretically prevent alphas from being born. Anna Levy organizes her Red Flag terrorist cell to orchestrate an attack that would prevent the drug from reaching the market.


Anna Levy coordinates with Milos Kosar to use a Department of Transportation fuel truck to bomb Montclair Pharmaceutical’s Trenton, New Jersey manufacturing facility. Rosen's Team intercepts the attack and takes out the Red Flag agents but the manufacturing facility is still damaged by the explosion. Later Anna Levy uses the footage in a threatening video which she sent to the DoD and Montclair Pharmaceutical in an attempt to scare them into keeping Renestrin off the market.