A movement of Alphas from all over the country that reject the labels of regular people. Red Flag is referenced in the first episode as a terrorist organization, based in a cell structure. In a message released in the episode Rosetta, the organization believes in "Neurodiversity." This serves as an umbrella term for the neurological disorders and mutations that give Alphas their abilities.

So far, the organization has been seen recruiting Alphas and defending against government anti-Alpha policy (in Rosetta, they destroyed the supply of neonatal drug that would prevent someone from being born with Alpha ability). Because of the Alphas who support Red Flag, they are able to remain hidden from government scrutiny.

According to the episode The Unusual Suspects, government involvement in the Alpha phenomenon stretches back to the MK-Ultra experiments of the 1960's, and a manifesto written by Stanton Parish at that time may be the foundation of the Red Flag ideology.

Known Actions

In the Pilot, a Red Flag agent known as "The Ghost" brainwashes Cameron Hicks to assassinate a captured Red Flag member in order to draw out Lee Rosen.

In Rosetta, the team chase Milos Kosar and Perlich while they attempt to destroy a supply of anti-Alpha neonatal medication. In the process, they find out that omniglot Anna is one of the leaders of the organization.

In Blind Spot, a obstetrician, Dr. Kern (gifted with sonic abilities including echolocation), works on behalf of Red Flag to encourage Alpha-like birth defects in his patients.

In The Unusual Suspects, an unnamed agent impersonates Dr. Rosen in order to access MK-Ultra files, leading to the deaths of three men involved in the experiment.

Known Members


  • Red Flag seems to have a severe hatred for Rosen, as they have tried to have him killed multiple times. Why has yet to be stated, as he is currently the only "normal" human that sees Alphas as more than weapons and has only shown a desire to help them.
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