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The following page provides information on Rachel specifically during Season 2. For general information on Rachel, please refer to this page.

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Rachel Pirzad/Season 2
Portrayed By Azita Ghanizada
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen God's Eye
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Age 24
Alpha Type Synesthete Synesthete

Rachel Pirzad is still a main character in the second season. Rachel shows overall increased self-confidence and control of her abilities. She also, for the first time in the series, is involved in a personal and intimate relationship.

Wake Up Call[]

At Rachel's parents house, Rachel is trying to read a book. Due to her Alpha ability, she hears all around her: voices, trains, etc. She, like Hicks, has less control over her powers. Rachel's father comes and we find out that for months, Rachel hasn't left the house. Rachel claims she is tired. Her father tries to reason with him on going to a therapist, but to her: only Dr. Rosen can help. Rachel tells her father she wants to rest and puts on some earphones.

Nathan Clay goes to personally retrieve Dr. Rosen, who agrees under his conditions. They retrieve Rachel, who is still isolated in a room above her parents' laundromat.

Upon arriving at Building 7, Rosen turns himself over to the prisoners, while Rachel listens to the exchange through the vent system. She also hears a consistent banging somewhere in the building. Scipio questions the doctor on the nature of being an alpha, centered around the idea that their abilities, and existence, are a mistake. This proves to be a delaying tactic. Watching the security cameras, the team watches Dr. Rosen being burned to death; Rachel then notices there is no smell of burning. Hicks enters the main chamber, finding it empty, and finds Meg tapping into the camera system, creating a set of false images.

Back in the office, the team works to help Gary recuperate. Across the river in Queens, on a bridge over train tracks, Danielle Rosen updates Stanton Parish on these developments.

The Quick and the Dead[]