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Rachel's Dad
Portrayed By Daniel Kash
Rachel's Dad
First Seen "Pilot"
Status Living
Gender Male
Family Rachel Pirzad (daughter)


Rachel's Dad operates a dry cleaning establishment which also does alterations. It is implied that Rachel's mother also works at the store. The Tailor works for Rachel's Dad.


Season 1[]

He helped making a party for Rachel's sister however was sick as Gary pointed it out after a lot of reluctance Rachel finally convinced him to go to a doctor.

Rachel's Dad comments that Rachel will have trouble finding a husband because of "her condition."

Season 2[]

In Wake Up Call he tries to make Rachel feel better and comforts her before Rosen arrives in her room.

In Life After Death, he comes home unexpectedly and discovers that Rachel and John Bennett are in the kitchen, taking a break from an attempt at lovemaking. They both run into the bedroom and, realizing what's going on, Rachel's father loudly announces that he's going shopping for two hours and makes a graceful exit.


In Life After Death, the family is now living over a coin-op laundry, suggesting that the family business may have taken a turn for the worse.