Quantitative Aptitudinal

Quantitative Aptitudinal Alphas are able to thoroughly and completely understand any and all technology. They have a knack for inventing the unthinkable; usually devices decades ahead of their time. They can be improvisational when inventing, efficiently constructing what they need with existing resources in their surroundings.


  • Extremely Intelligent
  • Goal Oriented
  • Anti-social


Very little is known about Quantitative Aptitudinals, who tap into astounding reserves of problem solving ability. But neurologists are beginning to understand basic problem solving as performed by the human brain. Much of the activity required for problem solving, executive function, is based in the prefrontal cortex. As neurons transmit data to the cortex, it processes it with computer-like efficiency. The brain determines which pieces of data are important, which are useful, and then uses the data to create possible models.

For instance, a person standing at a security fence. The person can hear the buzz of the electrical field and smell ozone. They can read any security signs, and examine the structure and mechanisms of the fence. With this information, they can compare the conditions to their existing knowledge of how electricity is transmitted. After sorting all this data, they can compare it to their goal of getting to the other side of the fence.

They can imagine several scenarios in a short span of time. Touching the fence will shock them, possibly to death. Cutting a nearby wire could trigger another alarm. Digging underneath would take too long and attract attention. Jumping over would physically infeasible.

The Quantitative Aptitudinal performs all these functions with higher speed and efficiency

Known Quantitative Aptitudinals

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