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Portrayed By Mike Tyrell
First Seen "Rosetta"
Status Deceased
Gender Male

Red Flag Operative

Alpha Type Transducer
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Perlich is a minor alpha character, probably a highly ranked member of Red Flag in order to be working along side Milos Kosar. Perlich's abilities are not well known, but is assumed to be some form of Synesthete. In the episode Rosetta the hair on his arm stands on end when he is being followed by Rosen's Alphas. This suggests he has a heightened "sixth sense."


There is no information on Perlich's background. He appears to be more gentle and passive than his partner. He may also be suffering with moral issues, and is uncomfortable with what he is doing, since he was very agitated while alone in the truck.

He was killed in the explosion caused by the detonation of the bomb.


He was in charge of placing the bomb on the truck.


Overcooks the scrambled eggs he made for Milos, suggesting he is a bad cook.