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[[File:Placeholder|right|300px]]Proprioceptive alphas are able to take advantage of the human "blind spot." Because human beings have two eyes, the optic nerve has to translate two sets of data into a single, three-dimension image. The spacing of our eyes allows for a gap in this data. Griffin's Alpha ability effects other people's optic nerves, expanding the blind spot to accommodate their size. &nbsp
'''Proprioceptive''' alphas are able to take advantage of the human "blind spot".
This type of alpha has been noted as antisocial, they dont appear to like being watched.
== Traits ==
== Analysis ==
There is a naturally occurring 'blind spot' in the human eye that results from the optic nerve passing through the retina. Normally this gap in vision is very small, and is automatically filled in by your brain using information from the area around it. A proprioceptive Alpha can somehow expand the blind spot to accommodate their size, possibly by enlarging the optic nerve so that it blocks a larger space. The name "proprioceptive" comes from the name of the 'sixth sense' that causes people to feel that they are being watched, and refers to the fact that this is the most common sign of their presence.
== Known Alphas ==
* [[Griffin]]
===Known Alphas:===
[[Category:Alpha Types]]
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