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Osteo-Regenerators are Alphas who are able to heal and regenerate their bones.


  • Aggressive
  • Protective
  • Stubborn


The human skeleton is an incredibly resilient system. Bone is living tissue, growing and replacing itself over the course of our lives, taking in minerals and nutrients. It can withstand over seven tons of pressure per square inch, and with most breaks, once properly set, bones are guaranteed to heal completely.

When a bone breaks, the body does three things:

  • A hematoma prevents excessive bleeding and stabilizes the area
  • The hematoma turns into a callus, introducing fibrocartilage that links the broken bones
  • The callus turns into a bone callus, introducing osteoblasts to regrow the bone

This process normally takes anywhere from two to twelve weeks, depending on the bone and the severity of the injury.

An Osteo-Regenerator can perform these three steps in a matter of minutes, restoring the bone to its baseline form with little effort. To do so, Osteo-Regenerators process calcium, a mineral vital to the basic structure of bone, at an incredible rate. They must consume large amounts of calcium, either by drinking milk or taking supplements.

Because of this rapid intake, an osteo-regenerator's bones are much denser than a normal human (probably bypassing programmed calcium ejection). To facilitate this rapid bone growth, the alpha's muscular system is also enhanced. Muscle strength allows him/her to force bones back into the correct position, immediately after the most severe trauma. They also have a high tolerance to pain, demonstrating the ability to function despite injuries that would incapacitate a normal human or drive them into shock.

Known Osteo-Regenerators[]