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During Season 2, Nina has reverted back to her original vain self. She 'pushes' people for the sake of it and uses her power to munipulate attractive young men. In the first episode of Season 2, Nina uses her ability on a handsome unnamed man and forces him to say he loves her, when, in reality, she was merely using her abilty on him. After that, she briefly rejoins Dr. Rosen's team, but only to ensure Gary's safe return. In the second episode, Nina wants to try being in a relationship with Cameron Hicks again but is turned down do to his relationship with Dani Rosen, Dr. Rosen's daughter. Nina, angered by this, renders herself incapable of working with the team and tells Dr. Rosen she will no longer help them in their cases. She then uses her ability on him and disappears until later in the series.

Nina Theroux/Season 2
Portrayed By Laura Mennell
First Seen Pilot
Status Living
Gender Female
Alpha Type Alphatype-influencer Influencer
Your will, is her power
- Nina's Season 2 Tagline
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