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Nina Theroux
Portrayed By Laura Mennell
First Seen Pilot
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Alpha Type Alphatype-influencer Influencer
Your will is her power
- Nina's Season 2 Tagline

Nina Theroux has the ability to override or "Push" other people's willpower and bend them to her own. She must establish eye contact for her power to be effective. She can't use her powers while the target is wearing sunglasses. It is implied that some people are immune to her ability. Gary Bell seems to be an example of this. Other Alphas with similar abilities are also hard to push. The cult leader Jonas is also immune to Nina's pushing.



Nina Theroux used her ability to gain money, material possessions, and transportation. A running gag in the first season is that Nina always has a different car that she's "borrowed" implying that she pushed someone else for it.

It is later revealed that before Nina knew the true extent of her abilities, she believed that she pushed an ex boyfriend to jump off a building. After an argument they had, she looked him in the eye and said "Why don't you do me a favor and just kill yourself." It was then revealed that her ability was not the cause of his death. It was around this time that Nina sought Dr. Rosen.

Season One[]

Episode One: When we first meet Nina, she is pulled over by a police officer, while driving a luxury vehicle, for reckless driving. She asked the officer to take off his sunglasses and, with the use of her ability, tells him to eat the ticket and the carbon copy. Theroux then asks him if he is single, upon finding that he is married, she loses interest. We then see the DoD file on her, called "ALPHAS INITIATIVE". It labels her a patient and calls her diagnosis "Hyper Induction", which "overrides willpower in others".

Physical Appearance[]

Nina is a white female. She has dark hair and usually has her hair in curls. She has a lanky build.

Powers and Abilities[]


Nina using her Pushing ability

Nina is an Influencer, which is officially labeled as "Pushing", because it allows her to push others into doing what she wills and(/or) instructs them to. It is explained in the first Pilot episode that her ability works by creating a temporary seizure in the brain. This ability has proved useful several times when it comes to interrogation and crime-scene access. Nina can only push one person at a time and the effects of her ability last for only a few minutes before the subject awakens to a dazed and confused state.

In order for Nina to utilize her ability, she must make full eye-contact with her subject and then vocally express her imperative(s) for the victim to carry out. Sunglasses hinder her ability, as do a specially designed contact lens invented by Skylar Adams along with, of course, visual disability which "blocks" eye contact between Nina and a blind target. Certain individuals are immune to Nina's pushing altogether, such as team member Gary Bell. It's explained that because Nina's ability works much like hypnosis, some individuals are less prone to falling victim to her ability. The only other person to avoid Nina's pushing entirely without aid was the cult leader Jonas.

In season 2, her power had significantly grown to the point where her ability lasted for hours. Cameron Hicks lost half a day when Nina used her ability on him while they were dating.

As season 2 progressed, her power increased in strength and duration. Her abilities have reached new heights, as she is able to push with more strength and her pushes now affect memories. Her abilities can now override other Influencer abilities and she is able to "pull" memories from the people she is pushing. As displayed with Kat, Nina was able to pull bits and pieces of her lost memories to the surface of Kats mind and help her recall them.


  • She is shown with numerous cars throughout the show, which she claims that she "borrowed."
  • Nina's influence only lasts a few minutes but as of Season 2 it appears that her influence can last up to half a day.
  • In addition to the immunity of the blind, certain devices which make the wearer immune to Influencers, such as Skylar Adams' specially modified contact lenses, or a simple pair of darkened sunglasses, suggest that Nina's abilities are absolutely dependent on eye contact. This is endorsed by Agent Sullivan's instructions on first meeting Nina not to make eye contact.
  • It is revealed she can even Push herself if she looks into a reflective surface.
  • Nina's known family consists of her mother, father (deceased) and sister (mentioned in season one but unseen), none of whom she is in contact with as the series begins.