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Never Let Me Go
Season One, Episode Five
Air Date August 8, 2011
Written By Jordan Rosenberg
Directed By Jeffrey G. Hunt
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"Never Let Me Go" is the fifth episode of Alphas. It aired on Syfy from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm on August 8, 2011.


In Fenton, PA, two teens start to get frisky on the Fenton Panthers football field when Mr. Howard, their high school guidance counselor, melts away painfully right before their eyes.

At Alpha headquarters, Dr. Rosen presents the team with a new tool — official badges. Although Bill prefers to use his own FBI badge, the rest of the team is excited that this will help them cut through red tape at investigation sites. The badges come just in the nick of time, since Agent Sullivan wants the team to see what's going on in Fenton.

Dr. Rosen and Rachel arrive first and discover that the high school guidance counselor is only one of three bizarre deaths in the area. Rachel can literally smell the fear in the air. Rosen and Rachel soon find out about a fourth death in town — a tragic car crash that killed a young man named Chris Elkhart. To exhume the body for a proper autopsy, Rosen must ask for permission from Chris' mother. As Ms. Elkhart explains that Chris had been under enormous stress as a result of trying out for the football team, Rachel seems to bond with her instantly—perhaps a bit too much.

When the local sheriff dies of internal decay, just like Mr. Howard, Rosen knows it's time to call in the rest of the team. When they arrive, Dr. Rosen shares what he knows and Bill immediately notices that the "passionate" local coach is connected to all of the victims so the team heads to the high school to investigate further.

At the school, all signs point toward David Burton, a troubled football player whom few people seem to like, but when they catch him after he tries to fight Gary, he starts deteriorating too and it looks like he's about to become another victim. Luckily, the Alphas are able to get him to the hospital where, with a little help from the CDC, they are able to determine that all the victims are suffering from extreme addiction and withdrawal—but from whom?

Once Hicks and Bill determine that Chris Elkhart's death was suicide, rather than a tragic accident, the pieces start to fall into place: Chris' mother is the Alpha they've been looking for. When her son killed himself because the kids at school were bullying him, Ms. Elkhart started punishing the people involved by using her power. Her next victim? Rachel.

Ms. Elkhart uses her power to addict Rachel and then leaves her to die, hoping to slow down the Alpha Team just long enough to kill one final person, The Panthers coach, whom Ms. Elkhart holds most responsible for her son's death.

After the team saves Rachel — just barely — they capture Ms. Elkhart at the coach's house and get her sent off to Binghamton. Meanwhile, Rachel is inspired to reach out to her own mom to mend fences and get the kind of motherly attention that felt so good coming from Ms. Elkhart.


Nina: I'd like to see these fancy badges do that.

Gary: I have bruises in my hair.

Nina: I thought I was the answer to our investigatory hurdles.

Gary: Hey Cameron, you're up in my grill. You gotta get out of my grill.

(Gary is wearing a high school letterman's jacket)
Nina: Gary, take that off. It's not yours.
Gary: No. It looks better on me. I'm a baller.
Nina: How do you even know that word?
Gary: It's the right word.

Rosen: Good morning, everyone. I come bearing gifts.
Gary: Oh, let me open it.
Rosen: All right.
Nina: "Let me open it please."
Gary: No, I want to open it. Oh. Yeah. Let me open it, please.

Bill: Eggs, cheese, bacon, pancakes. You sure these folks around here didn't just die of heart failure?
Gary: Heart failure. Because of the food.
Nina: Maybe they were just bored to death.
Hicks: Hey, I grew up in a town like this.
Bill: Of course you did. Explains your name, Hicks.

Waitress: Can I get you anything else?
Gary: DCIS. You don't ask questions. We ask questions.
Rosen: Gary.
Gary: We ask and you tell.
Rosen: Gary, that's impolite.
Waitress: So you really are Feds.
Rosen: Put it away.
Waitress: I knew it. It's a serial killer, isn't it?
Gary: You tell us. Respect the badge.
Rosen: Gary...
Nina: Really.
Gary: Bill is laughing.

Rosen: His body continued to produce cortisol as rapidly as we could get rid of it.
Nina: Maybe David is pushed and it just keeps triggering him.
Gary: Yeah, maybe Nina's the killer. Ha. Are you the killer, Nina? It'd be a surprise.

Rosen: That said, how are you?
Rachel: We should have that printed up on t-shirts.

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Jessica Elkhart: He always called us the "Dynamic Duo."

The Dynamic Duo are Batman and Robin, as they are commonly referred to in the comics and movies.

Bill: Thank you, Dr. House.

Dr. Gregory House is the lead character in the TV series House. The character is a misanthropic diagnostician who solves medical mysteries through observational skills and deductive reasoning.