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Need to Know
Season 2, Episode 12
Air Date October 15, 2012
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"Need to Know" is the twelfth episode of the second season Alphas. It airs on Syfy on October 15, 2012.


Rosen, Cameron, Nina, and Rachel go rogue to interrogate a captive Red Flag operative and find out Stanton's plan. Meanwhile, Bill, Kat, and Gary track down the missing Skylar.


Bill and Jeannie are walking down the street with Baby Adam and he points out that she's good with babies. He assures her that she will be good with their own children as well, but she wonders what kind of world they'll be bringing a child up into. There's an explosion behind them at a power substation and Bill makes sure that his wife and the baby are okay.

At the office, John is trying to coordinate efforts, reminding his team that there have been five attacks on the power grid but no pattern. They will have protectors in place in the next few days. Rachel warns that according to intercepts, Stanton is preparing a major assault in the next few days. Rosen points out that in two days, it will be the 150th anniversary of when Stanton was killed and came back to life for the first time during the Civil War. John plans to keep pressuring his organization, but Bill says that the electronic shipment they intercepted is critical. Rachel is trying to find Skylar and have her analyze the components, but Bill warns that time is running out.

Rosen suggests that they dig deeper into Mitchell's mind and find out what memories Stanton has stored there. He needs John to move him to a psych hospital but John hesitates. Kat offers to go since Mitchell trusts her, and John agrees over Rosen's objections that Kat doesn't have enough experience.

Stanton and his team go to an underground bunker at an abandoned National Guard armory and Scipio tells him that the doctors and medicines will be there soon. He admits that Vincent is still working on Skylar and Stanton says that he'll speak with Vincent. As they walk through the bunker, he says that it was Danielle's idea to build the bunker so people would have a place to go during the transition.

At the office, Rosen comes to see Bill as he talks to Jeannie on the phone. Once Bill finishes the call, he tells Rosen that his wife is traumatized and is moving out of the city to be with her family. Rosen says that he has a way to take the fight to Stanton just as Bill takes a call from DC. He realizes that Rosen wants to run the operation off the books and says that Nathan needs them all working together. Rosen says that he understands but Bill tells him to either work with everyone or leave. After a moment, Rosen says that he agrees and walks out. Outside, he meets with Cameron and says that Bill's involvement isn't critical. When Cameron wonders what to do if Bill gets in their way, Rosen hopes that it won't come to that.

That night, Kat is in the van with John transferring Mitchell. As the convoy pulls down the street, Scipio tosses incendiary grenades down, driving the trucks off the road. John opens fire and tells Kat to stay with Mitchell. Another Alpha, Jeff, shows up, rips off the van's doors, and rescues Mitchell. When Kat tries to go after him, Scipio tosses down another grenade. By the time she recovers, the Alpha has escaped with Mitchell. Meanwhile, someone shoots Scipio with a tranq dart, taking him down. Kat meets up with John and his men and they head up only to discover that Scipio has somehow escaped.

Jeff takes Mitchell to the bunker where a doctor removes the chip that Mitchell received at Binghamton. Stanton then dismisses everyone else and takes Mitchell's hand. The immortal realizes that all of the memories have been drained from Mitchell and realizes that Rosen is responsible. Mitchell confirms that Rosen gave him injections a few days ago, removing all of the extra memories. For the first time in years, Mitchell feels like himself.

Rosen drives to a warehouse and meets with Nina, assuring her that Stanton took the bait. They go to a room where Cameron is waiting with Rachel and an unconscious Scipio. After they remove the batteries from their cellphones, Cameron slaps Scipio awake and tells him that they need to talk. Rosen asks if Scipio wants to be responsible for the deaths of millions, saying there's still time for him to make amends. Scipio points out that they've chained him up to burn himself if he uses his abilities, and Rosen says that he knows how he's always wanted to transcend his emotions and gain control of powers. The Alpha doesn't buy it, saying that Rosen is twenty years late, and Nina pushes Scipio into telling them where the electronic components went. He tells them that they've been moved but Stanton hasn't told him. Scipio confirms that there have been hundreds of shipments and Nina pushes him into telling them where Stanton is. However, Scipio manages to resist her and Rosen says that he's blocked, just like Burton. Rosen moves onto the next stage and has Rachel administer amo-barbital via an IV.

Bill arrives at the office the next morning and Kat complains about how she messed up. However, Bill tells her not to worry about it and focus on Stanton's anniversary plan. When he tells her to check with Nina and Rachel, Kat says that she hasn't talked to either one of them. Bill goes to see Cameron and discovers that he's gone as well. Gary comes in and tells Bill that he's figured it out, and that they kicked him out of the hospital. He explains that Skylar has a chip in her arm to communicate with her drones and that he pinged her.

Skylar is working on her project at an apartment and complaining that she hears a buzzing noise. As she scratches at her arm, Skylar wonders if it's the phone but her daughter Zoe reminds her that they don't have a phone. Vincent arrives with groceries, including popsicles for Zoe, and asks if Skylar has made the device. She says that she's still working on it and assures him that she doesn't want to get him in trouble by failing. Vincent takes Zoe out for a walk and then meets with Stanton. Stanton demands to know when Skylar will finish the device and grabs Vincent, telling him that he needs it now. Vincent explains that it takes time and effort to keep Skylar focused, but Stanton warns him that he'll hold him to his promise to make Skylar complete the work.

Scipio continues to resist Nina's pushing and she finally asks for a break. Rachel warns Cameron that Nina is exhausted and Scipio's blood pressure is getting too high. She calls Rosen over and says that it's time to call in the experts, but Rosen and Cameron remind her that they can't trust anyone else. Rosen asks her to prepare a new injection of aminorex and Rachel warns Cameron that it's dangerous. When she suggests that they're wasting time, Cameron snaps at her and tells her to administer the drug. Rachel gives Rosen the syringe but tells him that it's a stimulant, and Nina says that it's for her, not Scipio.

Nina continues pushing without success and Cameron assures her that she did his best. As he goes to interrogate Scipio, Rosen says that he has another idea.

At the office, Bill checks on Gary, who says that Skylar is ignoring him. He also tells Bill that the rest of the team has taken the batteries out of their phones. Kat comes in and says that she checked the hijack scene and found a tranq dart. She's confirmed that the blood on it belongs to Scipio and that nobody on the tac team had tranq guns. As Bill realizes how it's all adding up, Kat goes into Cameron's office.

Skylar continues working with a blowtorch and then jerks when the chip in her arm buzzes again. She drops the blowtorch and grabs it, burning her hand. However, it doesn't burn and Skylar realizes that something is wrong. She scans her arm and realizes that one of her own chips is in her arm. As Skylar tries to work out where her drone wasps are, Zoe suggests that they call back whoever is buzzing her chip.

Gary finally gets a signal from Skylar.

Cameron brings in the other Building 7 Alpha, Megan Bates, and warns Scipio that they're just getting started. Once Cameron leaves, Scipio assures Megan that he hasn't broken. She asks if Stanton is still at the house and says that she's worried, and Scipio admits that he missed her. He tells Megan that thinking of the two of them up at a cabin has kept him from breaking. When Megan says that it's pretty and starts to kiss him, Scipio head butts her and yells to Nina, saying that Megan hates the mountains. Cameron comes over and beats Scipio until Rosen stops him.

As Cameron and Rachel help a weakened Nina away, Scipio asks Rosen how it feels for his own daughter to betray him. When he says that Danielle deserved to die, Rosen prepares a syringe of adrenaline and asks Scipio if he ever considered how his victims felt when he killed them. Scipio tells him to drop dead and Rosen says that the adrenaline will trigger Scipio's power, burning himself. He injects the adrenaline and Scipio screams in pain. When Rachel tries to intervene, Cameron stops her and tells her to cover her ears if she doesn't like it. She walks away, telling Cameron and Nina that she can smell Scipio's flesh burning.

Vincent comes back and finds Skylar getting ready to leave. He assures her that it's a safe place but she doesn't believe it and assembles a flamethrower from spare parts in the kitchen. However, it has no effect on Vincent. The room starts to flicker as a strong wind picks up. Skylar runs outside but every door leads back to Vincent's apartment. Zoe has disappeared and Skylar calls to her daughter.

In a cheap apartment, Skylar and Zoe lie on beds, drugged unconscious. Vincent sits next to them, influencing their minds and warning them that they can only leave if they cooperate.

Mitchell meets with Stanton as he goes over his plans. Stanton says that people will want to know his intentions and thoughts and takes Mitchell's hand. After a moment, Mitchell vocalizes Stanton's thoughts that he's going to change the world and that it's a shame that so many people will die.

As Scipio starts to talk and Rosen demands more details, three DoD SUVs pull up outside. Rachel comes in and they realize that she called them. Rosen tells her that it's okay and leaves with Cameron, while Nina stays with Rachel. Bill, Kat, and the tac team come in and wonder what has been happening. Once they secure Scipio and Megan, Bill asks Nina what Rosen found out, and she tells him that he got what he needed. As they head back to the office, Kat wonders why Rachel and Nina are coming with them. Bill admits that he needs them even if they lied. Gary arrives by taxi and tells Bill that he's found Skylar. Bill leads the team to the apartment and knocks out Vincent when he tries to run. Bill removes the IV drugs and Skylar runs to her daughter. She explains that she refused to work for Stanton and he drugged her and turned her over to Vincent. Gary looks at the sketches she made and wonders what they are, and Skylar warns them that it's the end of the world.

Cameron and Rosen go to Stanton's bunker and realize that he's been preparing for a disaster of his own making. Slipping past the workers, the two men find Stanton's control center and discover that he's calling it an "adjustment center." There are red flags on cities across the United States. Rosen tells Cameron to get all of the information to Bill while he stays behind. Cameron gives Rosen a gun, saying he might need it, and reluctantly leaves.

Rachel tries to talk to John about what she did but he says that they'll discuss it later when they've settled the current crisis. They meet with the others and Skylar explains that Stanton had her make a mini-stim. It doesn't generate a light on its own but is hooked up to a lamp or a computer screen. It will boost the powers of Alphas but induce lethal seizures in normal humans. The team realizes that Stanton could have created millions of them. Cameron comes in and shows them what they found at the adjustment center. They realize that Rosen plans to take out Stanton on his own and Bill says that he'll send some people over, but they have to focus on stopping the mini-stims.

Across the city, the power workers finish installing the protectors in the substations.

Rosen finds Mitchell, who recites Stanton's memories about changing the world from a "god's eye view." Stanton and his team walk through and Rosen tells Mitchell that he needs to hide for two days. He then goes out after them but just misses them as they drive away. Rosen takes a SUV and looks for the keys, but Jeff is waiting for him. He opens fire as Rosen ducks into the car for cover but runs out of ammo, and the Alpha says that he has orders to keep him alive. Jeff discovers that his gun is empty and hears sirens in the distance, and walks away before the DoD can arrive. Rosen realizes that he's been shot in the stomach and goes into shock.

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Bill: I cannot believe Rosen screwed me again.
Kat: The glasses, the messy hair, the cardigans, he seemed like such a nice old dude.


  • Sean Astin is credited as Special Guest Star.
  • Zoe asks if Skylar is a Terminator. Summer Glau played a Terminator in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.



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