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Necrotic Inducement
Ability Info
Description Necrotic agent to circulate through victim's blood, ultimately killing victims in a short period of time

Necrotic Inducement Alphas are able to gain strength from the deaths of others.


  • Arrogant
  • Rude


All living organisms, no matter how weak or powerful, must cease in its existence at some point; demise is usually marked by the onset of necrosis affecting the inert tissue of the deceased, which advances in preparation for decomposition. A Necrotic Inducement can hasten that phenomenon, ahead of time, by releasing a tailored toxin that breaks down all living and recently-living cellular structures. The toxin has a short range and is most reliably employed by touch, but can also be released into the air in the vicinity of an intended victim.

Known Necrotic Inducement Alphas[]