Nathan Clay
Portrayed By Mahershalalhashbaz Ali
Seen In "Cause & Effect"
Status Living
Gender Male

Leader of Tactical teams

Nathan Clay is the leader of the tactical teams tasked to deal with Alphas.


Nathan Clay is a NSA (National Security Agency) agent who was put in charge of a tactical team that deals with Alphas.  Clay thinks Alphas should be used as weapons and wants them on his tactical team.


Season 1

Nathan Clay was first introduced to Alphas six years ago when he escorted Marcus Ayers away from Dr. Rosen after he decided to send Marcus to the Binghamton Special Research Facility.

He and his men appear on the scene after Ayers' escape from an ambulance transporting him to Dr. Vijal Singh's facilities. After two attempts to capture Ayers, Clay shoots him in the chest, sending his body into the river below.

In the following episode, Clay and his men guard Matthew Hurley at Binghamton after Hurley was caught. He talks with Rosen on Wilson's death.

Season 2

Cley continues to work with Bill and Cameron on his team. He appears reluctant to trust Rosen and makes no initial effort to free him from the psychiatric hospital where the government has imprisoned him.

Later, Cley helps engineer Rosen's release after he's called upon to help with the Building 7 escapees. It is clear that he doesn't trust Rosen, and that Rosen doesn't trust him when Rosen refuses to tell him about the mole within the organization or give him detailed on the photic stimulator.


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