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Mitchell Morgan
Portrayed By Sean Astin
First Seen "If Memory Serves"
Status Living
Gender Male

Red Flag Resource

Alpha Type Memory Recorder

Mitchell Morgan is a Red Flag resource (as opposed to operative) with a Memory Recorder Alpha ability and a weak personal memory.


Season 2[]

If Memory Serves[]

During Clay's investigation of Red Flag, his team sorts through a set of addresses of suspected Red Flag affiliates. Dr. Rosen notices one and has Hicks and Kat go investigate the address. The red barn in upstate New York has two occupants; once the Caretaker leaves, Kat and Hicks find Mitchell by himself in a locked room.

Mitchell is clearly disoriented, muttering phrases disassociated with any context. While Kat and Hicks extract Mitchell, they are attacked by the Caretaker, and have to retreat into the nearby forest. Mitchell demonstrates his alpha ability by passing on a memory from Dani to Hicks. Listening to Mitchell's ramblings, Kat figures out that he is a Memory Recorder, retaining other people's memories, specifically Stanton Parish's.

Once they escape the Caretaker, Mitchell demonstrates his ability to Dr. Rosen, who realizes that Stanton uses Mitchell as a sort of emotional diary, never leaving important tactical information with the alpha. Initially, Rosen sends Mitchell to Building 7.

Need to Know[]

Trying to extract more information from Mitchell, Rosen orders him transferred out of Building 7. Scipio and other Red Flag operatives attack the transport and take back Mitchell. When he meets Stanton, Mitchell reveals that he is now able to retain his own memories, thanks to a treatment developed by Dr. Rosen.

Stanton asks him to take one of his memories; later, Rosen encounters Mitchell in the Red Flag mini-stim factory, and Mitchell passes on Stanton's memory. The memory basically lays out Parish's principle of sacrificing many people for his "new world."

Powers and Abilities[]

Mitchell is a Memory Recorder, recording the most potent memories of a person by touching them, and then playing them back, either to the original person or to another subject. The process floods Mitchell's brain with heavy amounts of cortisol, which degrades Mitchell's own short and long-term memory making it difficult for him to separate his personal memories from other peoples memories. It is possible to remove all the alternate information in Mitchell's mind and restore his own memories as seen in the episode "Need To Know" when Stanton Parish attempted to "see" his memories through Mitchell but could not because Dr. Rosen gave Mitchell a drug treatment which removed them and restored Mitchell's own memories as Mitchell says "For the first time in years i feel like me".