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Milos Kosar
Portrayed By Dean Armstrong
Seen In "Rosetta"
Status Deceased
Gender Male

Red Flag Operative

Alpha Type Electrogenic Electrogenic

Milos Kosar, presumed to be the leader, ran the Omaha cell of the Red Flag organization for 5 years without detection. He possessed the Alpha ability to produce electrical discharges. He committed suicide by using his ability to detonate the bomb on the fuel tank in order to complete his mission.


Season 1[]


While raiding a Red Flag operation, Rosen and his team find Anna, an Alpha who can understand and translate any language. While the others try to track down and stop Milos Kosar. At a suburban home, Purlec makes supper when his partner, Milos Kosar, comes in. Kosar plugs in his tablet to charge sits down to eat, unaware that outside agents are moving in on the home. Down the street, Rachel listens in. Rosen and his Alpha team are there, and they confirm that the man inside is Milos Kosar, the man who sent the Ghost after them. Gary found him while scanning for cell phone signals. Rachel confirms there are three people inside, and Bill coordinates the assault teams. Cameron is leading another team and they prepare to move in. Sullivan is there and asks Rosen for her opinion on what to do with Bill and Cameron. Cameron's squad realizes that the approach to the house is too open. Cameron draws a pair of guns and tells them that he'll get them in. Rosen finally gives the order for them to move in. Bill bolsters his strength and Purlec uses his own Alpha ability to sense other Alphas coming. Cameron shoots the door off of its hinges and Bill breaks in. Kosar tries to grab his tablet but Purlec grabs him and they head for the door. Kosar concentrates... and the lights go out around the block. After a few seconds the lights come up and Rachel reports that she is only picking up one heartbeat in the backroom. Cameron and Bill investigate and find a woman sitting in a rocking chair, seemingly oblivious to their presence. At a gas station, Kosar goes into the restroom and attacks a truck driver. He comes out where Purlec is waiting in the truck and tries to start the ignition. While Kosar waits for the charge to blow off, he gives the detonator to Purlec and makes sure the explosives are set. Once the charge bleeds off, the two men drive off. Kosar and Purlec drive up to Montclair and Purlec senses Cameron and Bill coming. They drive through the security gate and Bill and Cameron follow them in. Kosar realizes that they won't make it in time and has Purlec take the wheel and get as close as possible to set off the charges. As he jumps out, Cameron tries to get a clear shot at the truck. Kosar electrifies the nearby water puddles, jamming the ignition on the pursuing vehicle. Bill goes after Kosar while Cameron shoots Purlec's hand before he can set off the charge. Kosar sees the detonator and runs to get it, and Bill shoves a van, smashing the detonator. When Bill touches the van, Kosar electrifies it, shocking him. Kosar runs to the explosive pack beneath the truck and activates it electronically, killing himself and Purlec while Bill gets to cover just in time.

Powers and Abilities[]


Milos sending charges through water.

Milos was able to conduct electricity and electrical pulses. He was able to generate electrical shocks from his hands or release powerful electromagnetic pulses which knocked out electrical systems within at least a mile of himself as seen when he knocked out the electricity to a whole neighborhood.


  • He likes his scrambled eggs runny.
  • Milos (Miloš/Miłosz) is a name found in several Slavic languages and cultures.