Hello my name is George Hawkins, and I have an idea for a new alpha ability:




An Omnikinetics ability is activated upon their death. When they die their body takes longer to decay as well as their brian cells, and when any external electrical force is in close proximity to them, their bodies absorb it, healing every thing about them, any and all injuries aquired from before or during their death, as well as any diseases, and if their brain cells have decayed they are heal completely as well. but the longer their death, the longer it takes to heal. They will feel a slight sense of euphoria when they first come back to life, and if they received plaserization of any kind while in death they will instantly vomit it up, as well as anything that isnt apart of the person (Bullets, knives, scrap metal, poision, etc). When they first come back to life they will be more intune with their body, they will posses abilities such as perfect reflexes and precision (hyperkinetic), Electrogenic abilities (conducting electrical pulses, able to create electric balls, etc), enhanced speed and strength/ duriblity (Hyperadrenal), and superhuman senses (Synesthete). All of those will be highten everytime they are heavily injuried or when they come back to life, if the Omnikinetic dies enough times they will be able to adapt more to their abiliteis as well causing their alpha abilites to highten. They are able to copy any movement or skill, from observation, (Adomopathic) including alpha abilites, which unlike the normal Adomopathic alphas, due to their healing abilites and cell memory, their new skills and abilties are able to be longer with the person for as long as they can. They can thoroughly and completely understand any and all technology and mathematical equations (Quantitative Aptitudinal), able to understand any and all languages and being able to translate them (Translator), to alter any aspect of their person as well as their voice, (Morphogene), as well as having perfect muscle control. They can read a persons microexpressions and hear their hearbeats while at the same time sensing the bioelectromagnetic pulse humans have. If they are able to see someone who is a sonic alpha, they can combine it with their electromagnetic sensing to scan entire areas if they are blinded by any means (by will of course) They can figure out the human blind spot that all humans posses causing them to pretty much be invisible to the human eye (Proprioceptive Inhibitor) , as well as combining with their electogenic/ electroconductive ablities they can be completely invisible including to cameras as well. They can see any and all wavelengths (Transducer) similar to what Gary Bell can see (they must focus to see it). They posses superspeed similar to a Hyper-Accelerator (but they must focus to be in their "super speed mode") which when combined with activating their Hyperadrenal abilites causing them to run even faster, and due to their healing process they don't suffer from the same effects like Eli Aquino was suffering before he was gunned down (Accelerated aging,an accelerated metabolism, requiring up to 200,000 calories per day, etc) . But they will be flustered and tired from the run due to its strain. In short: Whatever kills them makes them stronger.


They are extremely critical in thinking and are smartasses, they are usually trustworthy and kind, and care for their fellow man. But its rare to ever find an Omnikinetic. They will do things without thinking, ironically they can think at superspeed to think things through while in a dagerious situation.

Draw backsEdit

Split persona:Edit

For example. Lets say I (the creator of the Omnikinetic concept) am an Omnikinetic. Over time, if my mental capabilities where already stable before my first death, I wont actually become too obsessedmyself, but if their emotions rise enough it can trigger their personas to change drastically. The original being smart, shy, careful, cunning, warmhearted. then the split persona (lets call mine Konner) is reckless, carefree, cunning, calculating, manipulating, coldhearted in a sense, evil. wanting more and more power and more chaos. But Konner wouldnt be able to come out unless I'm under alot of emotional trauma/ stress. But he can become controlled if I learn how to control my emotions well enough.

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