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Megan Bates
Portrayed By Alex Paxton-Beesley
Megan bates
First Seen "Wake Up Call"
Status Living
Gender Female

Red Flag Operative

Alpha Type Electrogenic Electrogenic

Megan Bates is a Red Flag operative with strong electrogenic Alpha abilities, including transducer abilities.


Season 2[]

In "Wake Up Call", Meg is captured during an armed robbery conducted by alphas. Taken to Binghamton, she overrides the system keeping all the Building 7 inmates sedated and their abilities suppressed. She then creates a false set of images on the security camera system that allows the rest of the alphas to escape.

Powers and Abilities[]

Meg is able to tap into electrical systems through tactile contact. She can create surges powerful enough to override secure systems, to the point where the electricity discharges violently throughout that system. Her ability is also more subtle, where she can rewrite code or signals to display a video image completely created within her mind.