Matthew Hurley
Seen In "Anger Management"
Status Living
Gender Male
Alpha Type Pheromone Generator

Matthew Hurley is Pheromone Generator Alpha. He is obsessed with his ex-girlfriend. He is now in Binghamton Facility.

Events Edit

Season 1Edit

"Anger Management" Edit

He claimed to looking for his "sister", who however turned out to be his girlfriend who confessed that she was trying to get away from him. Matthew came to the attention of Agent Wilson and Rosen's Team when he unleashed his ability in a subway car. While in the custody of Lee Rosen's group, he again activated his power causing a fight to take place between Rosen's group and Wilson's agents which ultimately led to Agent Wilson's death. Matthew is mentally unstable and was taken down by Bill Harken, whose hyperadrenal alpha ability provides resistance to Hurley's Alpha ability. Hurley is now residing at Binghamton Special Research Facility.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Matthew is a white male. He has spiky brown hair and a slight build.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Matthew can emit pheromones that create agitation and aggressive behavior in people near him. His ability can fill those around him with enough intense blind rage to cause a riot.

Trivia Edit

  • Matthew Hurley gestures with his hands when projecting his pheromones. It is unknown if this is an affectation, or if this is a requirement of his ability.