Marcus Ayers
Portrayed By Will McCormack
Marcus Ayers
Seen In "Cause & Effect"
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Alpha Type Alphatype-hyperkinetic Hyperkinetic

Marcus Ayers is a hyperkinetic like Cameron Hicks; however, unlike Hicks, he can control, cause, effect and possibly predict the future. His understanding and control over events prevents Marcus from fully empathizing with others, as he doesn't grasp why other people make mistakes and do not always comprehend the outcome of their actions.


Season 1Edit

He respects and trusts Lee Rosen. He was an avid chess player. He believed the population consisted of alphas versus humans rather than alphas and humans.

He kidnapped Lee Rosen and was shot by the leader of a group of tactical teams named Nathan Clay. He fell off a bridge at least 30 feet tall. His body was not found in the water below.

Events Edit

Seven years earlier, he was transferred to Dr. Lee Rosen after he got in a fight with at least one adult. Rosen wanted to help him. A year later an accident happened in a house and Rosen was upset with him for this even though nobody was killed. Lee did not want to see anything else bad happen. Ayers was then transferred to Dr. Vijal Singh. At some point Singh became focused on removing Ayers's Alpha ability surgically and treating him in ways as a test subject.

Ayers was being transported an ambulance in the present. He escaped and headed to the same building that was damaged six years ago in the fire. Rosen attempted to discover Ayers's agenda and help him; however Ayers discovered that Rosen was being used as bait by Nathan Clay. Ayers was able to escape from the trap, killing an agent in the process. Sometime later he killed Dr. Singh. Doctor Rosen's team thought Ayers was coming after Clay. Ayers abducted Rosen instead and brought him to a bridge. Rosen tried to make him understand what he was doing; Ayers told Rosen that what was happening was the best scenario ( he also told Rosen that if he wanted to get the peace he believed in between Alphas and non-Alphas he would have to take over the board and not watch from the side lines). Rosen's team arrived and he told them to lay down their weapons. Nathan Clay arrived and shot Ayers and he fell off the bridge into the water. His body could not be found by Clay's agents. A quarter with a bullet-shaped dent in it and a bullet were visible at the bottom of the waterway. This leads the viewer to believe that Ayers used the quarter to catch the bullet and fake his own death.


Marcus possesses powerful calculative abilities allowing him to manipulate cause and effect. He can cause massive changes in any environment or system with little to no effort by simply examining it and understanding the effect his actions and the actions of others will take. He has unlimited storage capacity, and is able to immediately recall any information he has stored with perfect clarity and can calculate multiple variables of dozens of factors applying them all to any given situation thus ensuring your victory through a certain sequence of choices. As seen when he escaped from a moving ambulance on a highway calculating the speed of the ambulance, the trajectory of the pick up truck behind them carrying metal rods, the angle of an oxygen tank within the ambulance, and recalling the exact location of a bump in the road without even seeing the road, setting his escape into motion with the simple flip of a quarter. Marcus can also examine human behavior as well as events and therefore understand how people will react when placed in a certain situation predicting a multitude of scenarios and manipulating events to achieve his desired outcome. Marcus's ability makes him one of the most dangerous alphas in the series. He is capable of setting complex plans into motion planning as he himself states "20 moves ahead". His ability causes him to become paranoid and isolated from others as he understands cause and effect in a way no one else does and therefore cannot understand why others make mistakes and assumes malicious intent.

Trivia Edit

  • After his daughter, Ayers was the second alpha with whom Lee Rosen met, suggesting that the research could have started in 2004.
  • Rosen had used a quarter as a demonstration of randomness; Ayers often used a quarter for a weapon and usually had one with him.
  • Marcus places all blame for any failure on everyone around him, unlike fellow Hyperkinetic Cameron Hicks, who places the blame on himself.
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