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This is a list of all the people with known Alpha abilities, arranged in order by appearance.

Season 1[]

Name Alpha Type Ability Weakness Notes Affiliation Debut Status

The Ghost

Influencer Can override people's willpower and force them to do his bidding. People will stay in the trance until they have completed their given task or are snapped out of it. They will have no memory of it happening Must touch his targets with his hands. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Whether it is caused by his ability or not are unknown Red Flag "Pilot" Deceased
Cameron Hicks Hyperkinetic His mind's imaging system and muscle control are perfectly in sync with his motor skills, giving him perfect aim, balance and enhanced motor skills Cannot activate his ability under stress Recovering alcoholic Lee Rosen's Team , DCIS "Pilot" Alive
Nina Theroux Influencer Can override peoples' willpower and force them to do her bidding. People will stay in the trance until they have completed their given task or are snapped out of it. People will only have a slight idea of what happened Requires direct eye contact. If the target is wearing sun glasses, are blind or have closed eyes, she cannot influence them. There are also people, who are immune Uses her ability to "borrow" cars. Lee Rosen's Team, DCIS "Pilot" Alive
Bill Harken Hyperadrenal Can consciously activate his fight-or-flight response and thereby elevate the level of adrenaline in his body, giving him enhanced strength, speed and a high threshold for pain Can only use his ability for a short amount of time without doing damage to his body afterwhich he will become highly fatigued Suffers from anger and boundary issues Lee Rosen's Team, DCIS "Pilot" Alive
Rachel Pirzad Synesthete Can enhance all five senses to a high degree and thereby see, hear, smell, taste much better than humanly possible. Can also focus her senses to a certain point Can only activate one sense at a time. While using her powers, the rest will be greatly weakened Problems with intimacy Lee Rosen's Team, DCIS "Pilot" Alive
Gary Bell Transducer Can intercept and see electromagnetic wavelengths in the air Cannot intercept Nokia wavelength. Too much frequencies can overwhelm him


Immune to Nina Theroux's ability

Lee Rosen's Team, DCIS "Pilot" Alive
Marcus Ayers Hyperkinetic Can control cause and effect. He is capable of predicting the turn of events of anything, granting him near precognition. Paranoid. Don't understand why other people can't predict things "Cause & Effect" Unknown, Presumed Deceased
Matthew Hurley Influencer Can emit pheromones that creates an agitating or aggresive behavior in people Mentally unstable "Anger Management" Alive, Incarcerated
Perlich Synesthete Possible "danger sense". His hair on his arm will stand up, when there is danger nearby Red Flag "Rosetta" Deceased
Milos Kosar Electrogenic Can produce and discharge large voltages of electricity from his body. Red Flag "Rosetta" Deceased
Anna Translator Has a natural deep and thorough understanding of all languages. Is capable of easily creating her own language Severe apraxia. Is unable to repeat muscular movements Red Flag "Rosetta" Deceased
Jessica Elkhart Influencer Can produce hormones that gives people a powerful emotional attraction to her. It also creates an addiction to it Needs physical contact to use her ability Psychotic Postpartum Depression "Never Let Me Go" Alive, Incarcerated
Skylar Adams Quantitative Aptitudinal Able to complete understand the composition of any technology. Are capable of inventing highly advanced devices easily "Catch and Release" Alive
Zoe Adams Quantitative Aptitudinal Mathemathical aptitude. Is capable of understanding and create highyl advanced mathemathical concepts First known second-generation Alpha "Catch and Release" Alive
Jonas Influencer

Stimulates the pineal gland, leading to a drug like feeling of peace (compared to speedballing). Those affected see lights, holy visions, and are easy to influence

Continued use of ability will eventually kill those affected Mentally unstable "A Short Time in Paradise" Deceased
Gordon Kern Can create sonic sound waves to help him see. Can also use the sound waves to slowly degrade material Is blind. Ability compensates for it, however Red Flag "Blind Spot" Deceased
Griffin Takes advantage of the human "blind spot" Can affect peoples' optic nerves to create a blind for herself to hide Ability does not hide sounds or smell Prefers not to be seen "Blind Spot" Alive
Isaac Can create a toxic agent that will spread through his target's blood systems and eventually kill them. Does not need physical contact Red Flag "The Unusual Suspects" Deceased
Unknown Red Flag Agent Morphogene Can change his body structure to match that of any other person. Effect is shortlived. After a few hours his body starts to painfully change back. Red Flag "The Unusual Suspects" Alive
Eric Latrobe Can read micro-expressions on peoples' face, thereby making him a human lie detector Cannot shut off his ability so he always knows when people lie to him Lee Rosen's Team (Consulent), DCIS "The Unusual Suspects" Alive
Danielle Rosen Empathetic Contagion Can pass on her emotions to others and make them feel what she feels "Original Sin"


Anna's Bodyguard Unknown ability that grants him enhanced strength. Possibly hyperadrenal Red Flag "Original Sin" Unknown, Deceased or Incarcerated
Hyperkinetic Red Flag Member Hyperkinetic Her mind's imaging system and muscle control are perfectly in sync with her motor skills, giving her perfect aim, balance and enhanced motor skills. Either more skilled or experience than Cameron Hicks Fights with knives Red Flag "Original Sin" Unknown, Deceased or Incarcerated
Scipio Unknown ability making him capable of starting fires by rubbing his hands together Was exposed to a photonic stimulator which enhanced his abilities to allow him to start fires without rubbing his hands together and he can shoot flames from his hands. Red Flag "Original Sin"

Alive, later in Series 2 is captured by Lee Rosen's Team


Stanton Parish Perfect control of mind and body, giving him practically immortal status Removes his humanity. Possibly incapable of having an empathic connection with other people Red Flag "Original Sin" Alive