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Life After Death
Season 2, Episode 10
Air Date October 1, 2012
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"Life After Death" is the tenth episode of the second season Alphas. It airs on Syfy on October 1, 2012.


Rosen's team deals with the aftermath of a loved one's death. Meanwhile, a woman brings a baby to the office and Gary takes it in after she runs off.


Rosen watches childhood video of Danielle. Later, he goes to pick out a coffin for his daughter.

At the office, Bill and Gary check on Cameron, and insist that he should eat something. Gary suggests that he try screaming and offers to show him how to do it, but Bill ushers him out.

Rachel admits to Nina that she hasn't been able to sleep since seeing Danielle dying, and Nina admits that she felt everything she was feeling as Danielle died. They run into Gary and Bill who tell them that Cameron isn't doing well, and Bill says that they need to stay on top of the investigation because Rosen is distracted. Nathan comes in and is surprised to discover that they are there. The DOD is there to get all of Rosen's intel on Stanton and Nathan barges into Rosen's office over Nina and Rachel's objections. Bill says that he doesn't like it but they don't have a choice and tells his teammates to keep an eye on Nathan.

As Nathan and his men go over Rosen's office, Nathan asks Gary to download all the investigation files. He refuses, saying that it's lunch, but offers to do it afterward. Maybe. Meanwhile, Bill and the others collect the physical evidence and Nina suggests that Rachel go home and enjoy the day. As she goes to the elevator, she runs into John coming up. He says that he came there to see if she was okay and Rachel says that it's good to see him. John asks if she wants to get some coffee and Rachel kisses him and then tells John to take him home while her parents are away in New Jersey. John quickly leaves with her.

Gary comes back with pizza and runs into a young woman, Magda Ryan, who is waiting in the lobby and holding a baby boy. She asks if Rosen is there and Gary says that he isn't there. Magda knows that they help Alphas and Gary tells her that she should go, but Magda gives him the baby that she's carrying and then runs off, ignoring Gary's protests.

Nina goes to see Cameron and download the information on Stanton from his computer. She assures Cameron that she's there for him but he doesn't display any interest. However, as Nina leaves with the flash drive, Cameron asks her to push him into making him forget Danielle because he can't handle losing her. She refuses and Cameron tells her to go. Gary comes in with the baby and he explains what happened. He has looked up on the Internet how to take care of babies and gets it to calm down.

Rosen goes to Danielle's apartment and confirms his identity for the officer on watch.


Nathan offers his condolences to Rosen and then proceeds with the debriefing. He asks a puzzled Rosen who he holds responsible for Danielle's death.

The Present

Rosen looks at his daughter's paintings.

Rachel and John undress in Rachel's bedroom but he insists on keeping his shirt on. As they make love, Rachel is distracted by the sights and sounds around her.

At the office, Bill tries to get Gary to track Magda. He insists that he already did and lost her in an alleyway, and says that he's busy taking care of the baby. Nathan comes in and asks for the downloads but Gary tells him that he's busy, and Cameron notices Nathan there and asks him why he didn't pay attention to Rosen a year ago. He snaps at Nathan, who says that Rosen gave him free access to all the information and let the DOD handle the investigation.

Gary finally finds a photo of Magda on a beach in the Caribbean. Nina comes in and tells them that the baby's parents are there. The parents introduce themselves as Brian and Jane Kessler and explain that the baby is their son Adam. They are eager to take their child but Bill insists on checking their IDs. The Kesslers explain that Magda was their nanny and took Adam without their permission. Brian tells them that Magda saw the video of Rosen talking to the Senate committee and believed that Adam was an Alpha and wanted Rosen to examine the baby. They found the office address in Magda's room and came to find their baby.

After sex, John and Rachel talk half-heartedly about how good the sex was and Rachel thanks him for coming over. He suggests that they get dinner and Rachel agrees, and then asks him to get dressed out of the room.

Rosen goes through Danielle's belongings.


Rosen reiterates how Danielle was working undercover against Stanton in return for a pardon, and that he agreed with her decision. Nathan asks how Stanton attracts followers and Rosen says that the immortal Alpha is a charismatic sociopath who preys upon people who are looking for a purpose and a sense of belonging.

The Present

Gary is in his office taking care of Adam and lets the baby grasp his finger. Bill comes in and says that Adam's parents are there to pick him up and Gary shoves him out and locks the door. Nina comes over and they try to convince him to come out. Bill doesn't want to break in and set Gary off, and invites Gary to check the IDs. Gary tells his teammates that they only have driver licenses and no bank accounts or baby photos online. Nathan comes over and apologizes for imposing on them, and says that starting the next day the DoD will take over the offices but keep the team on to help.

As Rachel and John try to figure out what movie to go to, John says that he's fine with whatever. Rachel tells him that they both deserve better than fine and John admits that maybe they were expecting too much the first time. He assures Rachel that it wasn't terrible but she felt like she was far away. Rachel says that she wanted to be with him but she expected it to be different. The first time she had sex when she was 18, her senses were overloaded and she just shut down. John assures her that they'll get to the point where she feels comfortable and Rachel points out that he kept his shirt on. She assures him that she wants to see his scars and John tells her that his ex tried to be there for him while he was recovering. However, she couldn't stomach the sight of them.

Rachel assures him that he's beautiful and kisses him. Rachel's father comes home early and Rachel introduces John and then runs to her bedroom. John goes after her and her father realizing what's going on, tells Rachel that he'll be gone for two hours shopping. They end up back on the bed.

Cameron goes to Danielle's apartment and finds Rosen collecting his daughter's paintings. He tells Cameron that he's making sure they didn't miss anything important and Cameron is disgusted that he wants to protect her things. He asks Rosen if he's going to trust Nathan and Rosen says that he's going to let the experienced authorities handle things. He blames himself for Danielle's death and Cameron says that he's not looking for the killer. When Rosen asks where he should be, Cameron walks away without a word.

Nina and Bill assure the Kesslers that Gary wouldn't hurt their baby. They suggest that Adam might have some ability that is affecting Gary, and want to call Rosen in to convince Gary to give up the baby. The Kesslers don't believe that Alphas exist and refuse to let Rosen near their child. Bill agrees to get Gary to give up the baby and the Kesslers give him a half hour before they call the police. However, Bill secretly tells Nina that they need to split up the couple and question them separately.

Bill gets Brian alone and points out that they don't have any IDs. Meanwhile, Nina pushes Jane into telling her that Magda took care of Adam at the lab.

When Brian threatens to call the police, Bill invites him to go ahead. Meanwhile, Jane tells Nina that the lab has four other babies and that someone named Murphy ordered them to get Adam out without fuss. If that wasn't possible, they were to show what they could do.

Bill starts to call the police and Brian grabs his hand and shocks him. Bill amps up and tackles him, knocking him into the next room. Startled, Nina loses her control over Jane, who amps up and slams Nina into a wall. Bill and Brian fight back and forth until Brian manages to stun Bill. Nina hits Jane with a vase and runs out, only for Brian to shock her long enough for Jane to knock her out. The couple goes for Gary, who refuses to hand over Adam. Bill recovers, knocks Brian out, and holds Jane immobile long enough for Nina to put her to sleep.

Rosen finds some of Danielle's childhood drawings.


Rosen explains that after the voltaic grenades detonated, Danielle took the full impact of the blast and died.

The Present

Rosen finds a self-portrait of Danielle and remembers telling Nina that whatever happens is his responsibility.

Later, Nina calls Rosen to the office and he assures her that it's okay. He checks Gary and confirms that he has a high level of vasopressin hormones in his bloodstream. The hormones increase the instinctive desire to protect a child and Rosen believes that Adam can generate the hormone in anyone nearby. He gives Gary an antidote for the increased hormones. Bill comes back from the laboratory raid and says that they busted everyone there but there was no sign of Magda. They have placed the other four babies in secure foster homes and Rosen plans to check on them later. Nina figures that Magda was also affected by the hormones and brought Adam there because she thought it was the safest place. She tells Gary that he was incredible for protecting the baby and they each hold the baby.

Rachel and John have a much more satisfying lovemaking session. When he points out that her father will be back soon, Rachel says that she doesn't care and starts again.

Bill and his wife Jeannie take Adam home with them for safekeeping. She's surprised that Bill is okay with them having the baby and Bill figures that they need to take the good when they can.

Rosen goes to see Cameron and finds himself sitting outside on the steps. He tells Cameron that he blames himself for Danielle's death, but Cameron admits that he could have stopped Danielle but he let her go. Rosen assures his friend that someone else used Danielle and killed her. Cameron says that Nathan will imprison Stanton if he captures him, and they both agree that Stanton doesn't deserve to go to prison.

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Gary: That's why she brought him here. 'Cause he must be an Alpha. I wonder what his ability is.
Bill: He can probably go fly off somewhere.
Gary: No, Bill, come on. Even Alpha babies can't fly. Can you---can you fly? Can you fly? I'm kidding. I'm joking with you.

John Bennett: (after making love) Better?
Rachel: I think I figured what your Alpha ability is. But we should keep practicing.

Bill: What a day.
Jeannie Harken: No whining, Bill. We can only have one baby in the house.


  • Kat does not appear in this episode, as the character is training at Quantico.
  • This episode saw the departure of consulting producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, who came aboard at the beginning of season 2 and had worked on other "superhero" shows Smallville and No Ordinary Family.



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